Some young and coming artistes do the mistake of releasing a surprise song(s)without a hype or puplicity of any kind.

If you are an upcoming and you determined that “YES” you really want to make it and get accepted into the music industry; then you need to do the needed things that need to be done and at the right time to get known and be accepted. One of these things is “HYPING BEFORE RELEASING
Super stars are in a good and better position to release an unexpected music because they’re well known and of course their fans base are larger and fans are always ready to download or buy their songs at anytime any moment.
On the other hand, even though they are known in the industry they also try in as much as they can to publicise their unrelease song(s)  because they also need more fans to win.
Super stars or A list artistes do released a surprise song only when they’ve a strong reason for doing such.
You don’t expect a magical downloads and recognition from fans without first alerting them that you’re about to drop a hit.
As a blogger and also an artiste I sing and record only for pleasure but I take my time to publicise my songs before releasing because I’m sending an important message which I want the world to listen to. So, my first step is to let them know that I’ve a message for them which I want them to get ready for…
You don’t expect your music to go a long distance or cover a large territory without a hype or proper hyping.
Read this instance; Prior to the release of “Made In Lagos” album by Wizkid aka Big Wiz, do you know that Wizkid started hyping the album for 2 years or even more before the releases date? Wizkid is an international super star but he kept hyping and promoting “Made In Lagos” before and after the release. Even upto date Big Wiz has not stopped.
Take a good look at M.I Abaga the industry almost forget him due to the long break he took but when he was ready to resurface he let the world knows that he was coming with a song which was “YOU RAPPERS SHOULD FIX UP YOUR LIVES” where he talk much about the weakness of our artistes. However fans and the rappers themselves became so ambitious and eager to listen to this song, the song came and became the most talked about song.
However, when he also alerted the industry of his studio album “YUNG DENZEL” the world was ready to get the album and that was how M.I paved his way back into the industry where he’s still trending.
My dear young Kaduna, Nasarawa, Jos, Lagos, Benue, Abuja, Niger and beyond artistes make GOOD MUSIC and make GOOD PUBLICITY!!!
That’s why bloggers are there to assist you.
Written By:
Fidwon Fidelis
C.E.O of BESTXPLORER BLOG (www.bestxplorer.com.ng)
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