Album Review: Blackface Naija “Rising Sun”


This is the album review of “Rising Sun” by Prolific and legendary act, Blackface Naija formerly Black Face. The album is one of the best produced album in Nigeria with over 20 amazing tracks

Artiste: BlackFace Naija
Album Title: Rising Sun
Number of Tracks: 24
Genres: Dancehall, Hip-hop, Reggae, Pop and RnB.
Date of Released: December 6, 2020.
Song Reviewer: BestXplorer

The Rising Sun is a 24-track album by popular Nigerian dancehall artiste, Black Face. The album has a fusion of different genres, with many collaborations. Below is the review of each song on the album.

1. Badder Than Them ft. SK Malawi, Skinny Rose, Freedom Blaze & Buzman: This is a dancehall song. It runs for 3:16. Blackface Naija talks about being the baddest among everyone else. The featured artistes gave a nice performance. It’s a club banger.

2. My Avenue (Refix): This song runs for 4:05. It’s a love song on which Blackface Naija praises his girlfriend, and expresses his love for her. It’s a dancehall song.

3. Odinadoka ft Mogzy: This song runs for 5:49. It’s an Ajegunle sound mixed with a Ghanaian vibe. It doesn’t really have much content but just the normal ghetto vibe.

4. Collabo: This is an Afrobeats song that runs for 5:00. Just like My Avenue (Refix), it’s also a love song, which Blackface confesses how he loves his girl and would do anything for her.

5. Duro ft Bayonet: This is a Hip-hop song fused with Afrobeats. The song runs for 4:45. On this song, Blackface Naija talks about how people want to bring him down but he still remains on top of the game.

6. I Dey With You ft AK Stunner: This song runs for 3:56. It’s an Afrobeats love song. Just like the other love songs on the album, Blackface Naija promises to always be with his baby.

7. I Can’t Breath ft Illven, Scotty & Rocksteady: This is probably the most amazing song on the album. It runs for 4:30. It’s an amazing Hip-hop song. And it has nice lyrics. Here, the Artistes condemn Police brutality not just in Nigeria but the whole world. They also talk about the Black Lives Matter protest. It’s a reality rap song. All the featured artistes spit dope bars. This song is a must-listen to.

8. Sho’Mamu Krest ft Slow Dog & Freedom: It’s an Afrobeats fused with Dancehall sound that runs for 3:56. This song is for those that like to party. All DJs need to get this one. It’s a club banger.

9. Dirty Character ft Raymond King: This song runs for 3:15. It’s a Reggae sound mixed with Hip-hop and a lace of Ajegunle strings that gives the song a unique sound. The artistes talk about how the beauty of a girl is not relevant if she has dirty (bad) character. It’s quite a nice song.

10. Music In My System ft Blaq Cymeon: This song runs for 4:19. It’s a Dancehall sound mixed Ajegunle strings. The artistes criticize the Nigerian Politicians for their bad intentions and for stealing Nigerian resources.

11. Hottah Fire: This is a Dancehall song mixed with Hip-hop sound that runs for 3:43. Blackface talks about the killings in Southern Kaduna and the hardship going on in Nigeria. He criticizes the politicians, including the President for not doing anything to end the insecurities and hardships people are facing. This is one of the most outstanding conscious music on the album.

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12. All I Gat To Give (My Love): This is an amazing love song that runs for 5:16. It’s a Reggae song fused with Pop sound. The singer expresses his undying love for his girlfriend.

13. African Queen: This is probably the most popular song on the album. It runs for 5:04. This is the same song that brought Blackface’s Naija former music ally, 2Baba Idibia to limelight. There has been rumors and facts that Blackface Naija wrote the song. Just like 2Baba African Queen, this song also has the same lyrics but different beat and sound. Blackface Naija makes use of Reggae fused with Pop beat to deliver an impressive sound. The song has a nice melody.

14. Light ft Rocksteady & Holyfield: This song runs for 4:09. It’s a Hip-hop song. Blackface Naija did his thing here. Meanwhile, as we all know, Holyfield is one of the most aggressive battle rappers in Nigeria. So he did justice to the beat. And the legendary Rocksteady didn’t disappoint either. It’s quite a nice song.

15. Naughty With You ft Marcakay: This song runs for 3:52. It’s a Dancehall song with good vibes and a nice rap verse from Marcakay. The song talks about treating your girl right and spending for her.
16. No Where ft Emperor Mas: This song runs for 3:35. It’s also a Dancehall song with good melody. It’s about love too. It’s a club banger.

17. Twist and Turn: This is a Dancehall song that runs for 3:38. It’s just the normal party song.

18. Love You Na Crime: This song runs for 4:38. It’s a Hip-hop song fused with Afrobeats. He says that if loving his girl is a crime, he wouldn’t mind as he would love her till eternity.

19. Stop The Killing (Dancehall Version): It’s a Dancehall song that runs for 4:54. He criticizes the killings in Nigeria.

20. O’gah ft SK Malawi & Freedom Blaze: The song runs for 4:41. It’s a Dancehall song that is good for parties.

21. Something About You ft Illven: The song runs for 4:50. It’s the only RnB song on the album. It’s a love song with nice melody.

22. Like You ft Emperor Mas: The song runs for 3:24. It’s a Dancehall song with love content. Emperor Mas delivered an amazing rap verse on it.

23. Internet Girl: The song runs for 5:24. It’s a Dancehall song that talks about the girl he met on the internet. It’s basically about social media relationship.

24. Rising Sun: This is the peak of the album. It’s a Dancehall song that runs for 4:07. Blackface Naija talks about how devilish some people are, trying to bring others down once they see you’re prospering. Notwithstanding, he said that no man can stop the Rising Sun from shining and the rain from falling.

Blackface Naija did an amazing work on the album. However, there was much repetition on the lyrics as most of the love songs have similar contents. Also, releasing a 24-track album in Nigeria isn’t such a good idea, as most fans wouldn’t listen to all the songs. Notwithstanding, all things being equal, the album is rated 7/10.

Album reviewed by Bestxplorer Blog


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