Hi everyone welcome to another fresh episode of DEEP SECRETS 1.8 where we interview your favourites celebrities in order to dig out those secrets they’re keeping away from you and we get to Xpose them to you.

Today we brought to you a multi talent and multiple times awards winning singer from Nasarawa State. Real names: Lot Sojah Alkali.

Stage name; Mac Fabulawz

Qn. Please can you briefly tell us who Mac Fabulawz is?

MAC FABZ: Mac Fabulawz is a graduate of college of education & also Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. A certified Biologist, a teacher, a show promoter & also a musician.

Qn. What inspired you to start music?

MAC FABZ: The passion I had for music inspired me to do music.

Qn. Who inspired you?

MAC FABZ: Dbanj, westlife, 2baba, Psquare.

Qn. You were a rapper why do you switched to singing?

MAC FABZ: Lol… Yeah, I was a Rapper when I started music. But, along the line, I decided to try a different genre of music which is RnB & pop. I later realized that am better and well accepted in these two genre of music than in hip hop. Rap is not my thing any more. I discovered my comfort zone and am happy coz I don’t stress my self to write any song. Most artistes that are claiming Rapper can actually do better in other genre but they don’t want to try. They think Hip-hop is better.

Qn. What are your best/greatest achievements so far?

MAC FABZ: My greatest achievement are; Being a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, winning 5 awards within 2 years, sharing the same stage with Jesse Jagz, Oritse Femi, Terry G, Danfo Drivers, Klint Da Drunk, & Broda Shaggi within just 3 years in the entertainment industry.
I started music officially in 2017, started ABU ZARIA 2017… Me achieving all these within the space of three years is amazing.

Qn. Tell us about the most embarrassing moment of your life?

MAC FABZ: Lol. The very first day I performed NA DEM… The song was actually a freestyle, after recording I didn’t bother to learn d lyrics. I was performing and I don’t know d lyrics,,, had to stylishly off the mic 😂

Qn. What is your Favourite food?

MAC FABZ: Golden yam (Fried yam and egg) 

Qn. Are you into a relationship? If yes who is the lucky lady?

MAC FABZ: Am in a relationship, but don’t want to mention her name coz is personal. Lol

Qn. Hahaha you know you can’t keep hiding her name away from the public. However, If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

MAC FABZ: Sign a record deal with Sony music international

Qn. Who is your celebrity crush?


 Qn. Who is your favourite Nigerian Artiste?

MAC FABZ: Davido 

Qn. Your Best Nigerian song?

MAC FABZ: Risky by Davido

Qn. Who is your role model?

MAC FABZ: Davido

Qn. Who is that one artiste you wanna collaborate with?

MAC FABZ: Davido 

Qn. What was your ambition as a kid?

MAC FABZ: To be a medical Doctor

Qn. How did you come up with the idea of starting up an entertainment brand that was known as “Mac Fab Entertainment”?

MAC FABZ: In 2017, when I decided to start music I know I can’t go far if I don’t have a brand. Since no one is ready to allow me join them, I decided to create mine.

Qn. How many artistes or entertainers that were signed to Mac Fab Entertainment?

MAC FABZ: 7 artistes and 1 artist (a graphic designer) Mic Man, Ak Faree, Hee_DeZignz, Reamaboy, SilentP, Swagbee and Joe Dee later joined us.

Qn. What are the challenges you faced while running and managing the brand as the C. E. O and also an artiste at the same time?

MAC FABZ : Try to put them on a show to perform. Try to let other entertainers know them. Agreeing on when to drop songs, blogging the songs etc. I also need shows to perform. It was a little bit challenging.

Qn. Why do you decide to disengaged all the signed acts?

MAC FABZ: We didn’t fight, we are 100% cool. I let them all know before terminating the label. I just wanted to relaunch my musical career. A total Rebranding. It was a tough decision but after I gave it a long thought, I decided to end it. All the Artistes are already doing well. I believe they can stand on their own. Long before now, they are operating on their own. Just time to time they do come for advice. We are still together 100%

Qn. Alright, now your fans and everyone will understand as I also understand too. But as if that was not enough, you also decided to terminate the brand “Mac Fab Entertainment” Why do you take such decision?

MAC FABZ: Mac Fab Entertainment was the brand we were all operating under. Without the artistes, there is no Mac Fab Ent. The brand Mac Fab Entertainment is gone but the brand MAC FABULAWZ is 100% alive.

Qn. What are the achievements that “Mac Fab Entertainment” as a family achieved?

MAC FABZ: We started officially in 2017. In 2018, Mac Fabulawz won Best RnB act & also personality of the year. Mic Man Won Male Act of the year. In 2019, Joe Dee won producer of the year, Hee_Designz won graphic designer of the year, Mac Fabulawz won RnB song of the year, song of the year and also best collaboration of the year. We won a total of 8 awards within the short period we have been together. 

Qn. What do you think about Nasarawa Entertainment?

MAC FABZ: Nasarawa Entertainment Industry is growing faster than most people think. 

Qn. What advice do you have for Nasarawa artistes, events organisers, Mcs, Djs, graphics designers, producers, bloggers, OAPs, and everyone involve?

MAC FABZ: Let true love lead. The truth is, everybody is own his own. Many don’t practice true love. If there is true love among us, DJs will play our songs, OAPs will do same, artiste will share links across.

Qn. Who is/are your competitor (s) in the music industry?

MAC FABZ: I don’t have any competitor. Maybe some persons sees me as a competitor but I don’t see anyone as a competitor. I’m doing me. The sky is big enough to accommodate us all. So no need to compete with anybody. 

Qn. What is your advice to upcoming artistes?

MAC FABZ: Me self never blow yet lol… My advice is, be humble, work with the right producers, don’t rush to record songs, make sure you mastered your craft.. Don’t forget to always pray for grace too.

It’s an amazing time with you on this episode of Deep Secrets. BestXplorer management are wishing you success and more winnings as you keep pushing.

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