OZEE is a multi times awards winner, an artiste, producer and a Custom officer with Nigeria Customs Service.
Ozee has worked with, featured & produced  artistes such as Terry Tha Rapman, Jesse Jagz, Morell, Dj Ab, Classiq, B.O.C, Jahbwai, Magnito, King Sniffy, NT4, GunzRaven etc
QSN. FIDWON: Please can you briefly tell us who Ozee is, your Full names and the full meaning of Ozee

ANS. OZEE: My name is Ozotu Godwin Attah, I am an Alago boy from Doma Local Government,Nasarawa State. I graduated from Nasarawa State University where i obtained both of my degrees. I am an Assistant Superintendent with Nigeria Customs Service, a Recording Artiste and a music producer.
my stage name Ozee was coined as a short form of my tribal name Ozotu which means someone who is persistent or someone who endures.

QSN: FIDWON: What is your best/greatest achievement?

ANS: OZEE: hmmm… this is a hard one oh🤔
I would say Performing the Pay Your Customs Duty Campaign Theme song for the Nigeria Customs Service. Thats a project on a National level . Using my talents to serve my Country means everything to me. Thats a project that will live after me .

QSN. FIDWON: The most embarrassing moment of your life. 

ANS. OZEE: forgetting my lyrics on stage

QSN. FIDWON: Your favourite food

ANS. OZEE: Towu Shinkafa and Beans Soup

QSN. FIDWON: If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

ANS. OZEE: Let the Boy go Worldwide like a wildfire 🤣🤣🤣 Final Blow Kawai .

QSN. FIDWON: Who is your celebrity crush?

ANS. OZEE: Chidinma

QSN. FIDWON: Your best Nigerian song

ANS. OZEE: Right now its Fake Love by Ducan Mighty ft Wizkid

QSN. FIDWON: One artiste you wanna collaborate with.

ANS. OZEE: Davido

QSN. FIDWON: Who is your competitor in the music industry?

ANS. OZEE: Honestly I don’t have, I am not in competition with anyone . I am in my own lane doing my things and learning from people out there who are successful at it to better my own game . Thats my mindset.

QSN. FIDWON: Who is your role model?

ANS. OZEE: 2face

QSN. FIDWON: What was your ambition as a kid?

ANS. OZEE: Being a successful artiste.

QSN. FIDWON: Are you signed to any label? If yes, how did you get signed to…?

ANS. OZEE: I have always been an Independent Artiste managed by Tazu Entertainment.

QSN. FIDWON: As an artiste and a Custom officer; what are the challenges you’re facing in combining Music and uniform work?

ANS. OZEE: Time, as i do not have the luxury of that to give to music . Be an Artiste is more than just singing good songs, alot is needed , from marketing to networking among other things which all require time, u gotta be available for the movement that comes with it .. As an officer you are subjected to a regimented lifestyle and that is a contrast of the Music Lifestyle sometimes i kind of think people find it hard to connect with me . But its getting better by the day as they are beginning to connect with my art . Its the reality of my journey and my story to tell someday when we cheering to a glass of wine recounting what it took for the big break to come through.

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QSN. FIDWON: Do you have any plans in future to switch completely to music and abandon custom or abandon music for custom job?

ANS. OZEE: In life they say u can’t serve two masters at the same time. At the moment My job is the master and music is a boy boy 🤣.😁 if music starts paying enough for me to see my per annum as mere change ,music will also be a master and ti will have to serve one and i know i will go for music. 🙈🤣

QSN. FIDWON: If eventually a bigger label like “DAVIDO MUSIC WORLD WIDE” OR “MAVIN RECORDS” picked an  interest to sign you and requested that you should abandon your uniform work, will you agreed to their terms and conditions? 

ANS. OZEE: ha!!! Sharp Sharp if the pay is right, I got bills to pay and anything better than what i already have is welcomed and a step forward in my life don’t you think? I love music and if it can successfully take care of my bills and guarantee my children’s balling like my job does, am all hers .

QSN. FIDWON: Who inspired you into music.

ANS. OZEE: My family did, I grew up listening to alot of music and that swayed me into making me.

QSN. FIDWON: Advice to upcoming artistes.

ANS. OZEE: Go get your education, find something and do that can make you money. Sharpen your skills, be humble.
Its more than your talent. Hustle hard, cos music is an expensive industry, network , pray harder and never give up.

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