I’m not dead, I’m still alive: Papa Ajasco Speaks ( watch video)


Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Abiodun Ayoyinka, also known as Papa Ajasco, has debunked reports claiming he is dead.

Papa Ajasco and Company (formerly The Ajasco Family) is a Nigerian family television sitcom created by Wale Adenuga in 1996.

Papa Ajasco in the comedy show is known as a womanizing bald-headed husband, who often hits his head with his hands when astonished by an event.

Ayoyinka started playing the Papa Ajasco character under Wale Adenuga’s blessings but left the role to Femi Ogunrombi who played the role for two years.

Years later Ogunrombi in an interview said fans connected more with Ayoyinka and was asked by Wale Adenuga to forfeit the role to the original actor for commercial reasons.

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However, Ayoyinka’s clarification became necessary after Ogunrombi who took over the role from him in 2006 died on Saturday evening.

The death of Ogunrombi created confusion as some media houses reported that Ayoyinka was dead.

Clarifying the reports, Ayoyinka released a video to show his fans that he is not dead.

He further thanked his fans for their concerns.

Ayoyinka ended the video with his usual signature in the popular longest-running series by Wale Adenuga Production (WAP).

Please watch the video below;


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