Police arrest man for driving fake Ferrari in Italy [Video]


The Italian police has arrested A 26-year-old man for driving a fake Ferrari F430 ‘supercar’ following a police operation called ‘Operacion Cavallino’.

According to The Sun UK, the unidentified man converted a Toyota MR2 Coupe to look like a Ferrari F430 sports car

In a viral video on Monday, the police is seen escorting the man into the replica. The fake car is said to have original parts of a Ferrari, including rims, brake callipers, front and rear hoods and even genuine Ferrari badges.

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A spokesperson from the Italian Guardia di Fianza said in a statement: “The police operation was in coordination with the Asti prosecutor.”

“We aim to protect national production, especially in this case when they stand out for their high quality and for being one of the best known and most appreciated symbols of the Italian style in the world.”

Video below…


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