Loudspeeka Open Letter To Lucky Richie That Fumed Him & Richman


The current misunderstanding between a top notch Kaduna base music producer, Loudspeeka and a Kaduna, Ghana base act, Lucky Richie seems to be getting hotter as hours passes by.

Loudspeeka as a professional and experience music producer and sound engineer has pinpoint some errors in Richie sounds especially his recent released song “KILOMETERS” which should’ve been corrected before now but has however becomes a backlog.

However the Ghana base artiste who has come to the comment box to reply Loudspeeka with a word of thanks for drawing his attention to the errors has later resurfaces with his crew with his producer, Richman leading by throwing lots of insults and abusive words to Loudspeeka and also dragging his wife to the picture by calling her names like ‘b!*ch’ and accusing them of getting married as a result of pregnancy outside marriage.

Richman has since taken the case upon himself as he felt Loudspeeka was indirectly attacking him as he happened to be the producer of the song.


Dear Successful Lucky Richie

Compliments of the day. I hope you’re fine. If so, doxology. I write you this open letter for many reasons.

One of which is your love for music. I love it too and that’s why I am here.

At the end, some of your colleagues will be Loudspeeka sabi na im e never blow. Well I’m least talented as compared to a staggering number of artistes waiting to blow and dem get money but me na salary earner and I’m broke!

I’ve listened to your music not as a professional (who dash monkey banana?) just as a senior Bro and a true friend!

In as much I am resisting to write this, I implore you to understand that this is with good intent 100%. I’ve offered to even mix your job at some point but of course you informed me you have an in-house Producer & a mix Engineer.

As a learning mix Engineer, your works are still far below par and EVERYTHING sounds off! I admire your lyrical prowess. Some songs lyrics are actually below your standard but have come out nicer because of production, mixing & mastering.

I no fit tell you to leave your day ones but y’all need to evolve. It hurts me to see you spend so much on promotion for jams so many have called all sorts of awful names behind you…(KD dey talk truth at times, no be all times be hate and this isn’t hate).

I love Afro! I love Rap (if you get head to understand am, e no dey boring). I love y’all doing everything to put KD & 9ja on the map!

You fit reply me sha but in all, do not ignore critics (funny I be one ryt now). No allow the numbers whine you (I fit give you 5k plays with no one listening actually).

I done vamoose! I do expect some dope ish! next time. Shout out y’all youngin doing it right!

Loudspeeka (Bro, Hater, Broke Rapper, ?)


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