Anita to divorce Paul of P-Square for sleeping with maid


P-square Paul Okoye, also known as Rude Boy, is facing a divorce suit by his estranged wife, Anita Okoye. Ms Okoye has accused the popular singer of extramarital affairs.

According to the documents presented in court, Ms Okoyeโ€™s lawyer cited an instance of catching the artiste having an illicit affair with their maid.

โ€œThat I know as a fact that the respondent on 11 June 2020, threw the petitionerโ€™s sister and I out of the house after we discovered that he had started an Illicit affair with one of the house helps by name Florence,โ€ the court document said.

It added, โ€œThat I know as a fact that while sending I and petitionerโ€™s sister packing, the respondent (Paul Okoye) also boasted that the reason for his actions was to ensure that the petitionerโ€™s wings were clipped and that she had no one else to lean on.โ€

Paul was also accused in the filed suit of shirking his responsibility to his childrenโ€™s upbringing.

โ€œThat I know as a fact that the respondent has showed minimal interest in the upbringing of the children and rarely participates in discipline of the children. That I know as a fact that the respondent has always been travelling on music tours and is barely at home and does not have time for family life,โ€ added the document.

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Also attached to the document were multiple screenshots revealing Paulโ€™s suggestive chats with other women.

News of the coupleโ€™s separation was made public in April 2021 when Anita relocated to the U.S. with their three children. Then court documents regarding their divorce surfaced last August, with Ms Okoye citing โ€œirreconcilable difference.โ€

The couple were spotted together later in September in videos posted on social media, suggesting they might be reconciled.

The couple met in 2004 during their undergraduate days at the University of Abuja and married on March 22, 2014.


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