Deep Secrets: Meet LayJend And Know Some Of His Secrets


Deep Secrets: Meet an amazing artiste from Kaduna state, Layjend and know some of his secrets which you probably don’t know.

Hi Bestxplorian, welcome to another fresh and juicy episode of Deep Secrets brought to you Xlcusively by BESTXPLORER Blog. This is a program where we Xplore, interview and Xpose the secrets of some of the top and trending celebrities. Meet Layjend.

Read our interview section with him below

BestX: Please can you briefly tell us who is LayJend?

Layjend: my name is JAPHET BULUS WEYNOM.

BestX: What tribe are you and from which state/LGA? 

Layjend: Am HAM from jaba LGA of kaduna state.

BestX: What is your native name? 

Layjend: My native name is WEYNOM which means “God’s son” .

BestX: How old are you?

Layjend: Am 27yrs old.

BestX: Wow amazing! What do you do for a living? 

Layjend: A student and also a fashion designer.

BestX: That’s great, keep it up! What are your qualifications so far?

Layjend: Currently an undergraduate studying guidance and counseling in kaduna state college of education in affiliated to ABU zaria.

BestX: What was your ambition as a kid?

Layjend: I listen 2 radio alot as a kid, so all i wanted to do as a kid was to be an OAP ( on air personality).

BestX: What motivated or inspired you into music?

Layjend: I actually love singing along to any song i am listening to, so i sat down and taught of having my own song, with the support of my great friends who are also into music for long, so i got inspired and from there, here we are. I really thank God for grace and good friends who always encourage me with kind words. The kind of feedback i get from people about any song i drop is so encouraging, so that has been my source of motivation and inspiration.

BestX: What genre of music do you do?

Layjend: I do afro pop, and my music depends on my mood, so sometimes i rap too.

BestX: Well done o lol. Who is your role model?

Layjend:  God.

BestX: What is Your best/greatest achievement? 

Layjend: For now, i must say been an artist and also a fashion designer is a big achievement for now and i hope and pray for greater achievement in all aspects of life.

BestX: What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Layjend: My embarrassing moment was when i performed in one certain event and the whole crowd was just sitting, but i had to so my thing sha

BestX: Jeez that’s sometimes embarrassing though. So tell us are you signed to any label? 

Layjend: Am not signed to any label yet.

BestX: God will pave a way sooner or later. What’s your favourite food?

Layjend: My favorite meal is tuwo shikafa and ogbo soup, i no dey take am joke atall.

BestX: I love that too. Who is the one artiste you wanna collaborate with? 


Layjend: really wish to collaborate with ice prince.

BestX: What do you hate the most?

Layjend: I hate fake friends and those who feel they are always right.

BestX: What do you love the most? 

Layjend: I love good vibe, just been around people who think and reason possible ways we all can achieve great things, juat good vibes kawai.

BestX: Are you dating, married or single?

Layjend: Single

BestX: For real Who? So who is your first love?

Layjend: My mum

BestX: At what age will you like to marry?

Layjend: Very soon

BestX: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Layjend: None

BestX: If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wished for?

Layjend: Wish to keep been me, doing great stuffs and living my dream.

BestX: Do you have a competitor in music the industry?

Layjend: i don’t compete with anyone.

BestX: Will you choose fame over riches or riches over fame? 

Layjend: Riches oh, who fame epp🤪

BestX: Hahaha that lead us to the next question. Will you quit music for $20 million (Dollars)?

Layjend: If i will quit music for $20million, hmmm this question na setup🤣

BestX: Hahaha… Again, will you choose to stay with Mavin Record in Nigeria or choose USA with free visa, green card and with a job that gives you $40,000 (dollars) monthly?

Layjend: Well i will stay with mavin record in nigeria.

BestX: Lol. So Should your fans and everyone expect something from you anytime soon? 

Layjend: Yes oh, they should expect some new vibes soon, just keep ur fingers cross more sweet jams dropping soon.

BestX: What do you think about Kaduna Entertainment ranging from the artistes, event planners, OAPs, promoters, bloggers, producers etc? 

Layjend: Seriously the kaduna entertainment industry is doing tremendously well, the kind of love i receive from OAPs, bloggers, producers etc when ever i drop a song is overwhelming. I pray the mutual love and understand continues, although some don’t show love and support to others, but i crave their indulging to always try to support each other, this will assist the industry to grow.

BestX: What’s Your advice to upcoming artistes? 

Layjend: My advice to us all is that, we should never rush greatness. What is meant to be yours will surely be yours, it may just take little time.

Layjend Quote: “NEVER RUSH GREATNESS… the rain wey beat us today na that same rain go wash our car tomorrow”

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