Good News To Decoder Users: The Implementation Of The Pay- Per- View Tariff Bill Is In Progress


The House of Representatives have assured Nigerians that the implementation of the Pay- Per- View Tariff bill is in process and that they will see to it that all satellite service providers in the country comply with the law.

The statement was made by the Chairman of the committee, Uniyime Idem who assured citizens that the issue of high tariff for satellite service provider subscription is being addressed by the House of Representative, as he explained that the bill have passed the second reading in the house and will be results will be announced as soon as the whole process is concluded.

The issue of the indiscriminate charges and fees requested for by satellite service providers have been one trending problem to the society and especially to rural areas that are mostly affected due to lack of electricity and power supply. Most of the users of the satellite decoder usually complain that they are being charged for what they didn’ t use, since the decoder is impossible to be used if there is not light.

After proper deliberation to to Pay- Per- View Tariff issue, the House of Representatives that decided that the bill will be passed into law, hereby assuring Nigeria that they will be paying for what they are using instead. of the usual speculated period of time they are being given.

Many Nigeria will be very happy if the bill is approved as they will be given to opportunity to watch the satellite decoder when their is light and turn it off when there is not light without calculating they limited period of time hd subscribed for. Nigerians are hereby assured and advised to be patient for the meantime while the bill is under reading process and with time, the house of reps will see it approval and implementation.


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