Hello guys, this S.U.G guy has gone on all social media groups, platforms and privately chatted individuals telling everyone we refused to pay him. This is deformation of character, spreading false and malicious information aimed at discrediting NIFESTNG and for him to gain cheap popularity using cheap data bundle to gain public sympathy.

Let me state here that:

1. His management contacted us for their Lafia based artists to perform at nifestng hangout 1.0.
2. Our response was that we have ran out of our budget for performing artist and have all the artist we need and that any artist that wants to perform must pay to do so due to our β€œno free performance policy.”
3. His management still contacted us that we can work together on nifestng hangout 1.0 and we came to an understanding that we will squeeze and pay 3 of their artist an amount each.(amount withheld out of respect and based on understanding).
4. His management still said that they have 5 artist and have spoken to them based on understanding to share the amount and they all agreed. And we agreed to this arrangement to promote their artist on our platform.
5. His management then sent pictures of all the 5 artists and their names for confirmation flyers while on their part, they did confirmation videos and sent to nifestng.
6. We did the flyers and sent to them and they appreciated it. We also posted the flyers, made videos with their artist flyers embedded there-in and event posters and shared to social media groups, all our social media handles and individuals alike.
7. Yesterday(20 November, 2020), we were sent several screen shots from various social media groups and personal chats that one S.U.G was saying we refused to pay him.
8. We reached out to his management and they assured us that it was an internal issue that does not involve nifestng and they have handled it.
9. However, S.U.G has gone ahead with his campaign of calumny against nifestng rather than his management that he has issues with.
10. Based on the foregoing, nifestng has decided to take the following actions against S.U.G:

a. Reached out to his management to inform them we will be going to court with him.
b. We also informed them to tell him to get ready for his court appearance within the week by the special grace of God.
c. We will use him as an example to other artists, vendors, individuals or companies that are irresponsible and don’t understand due process and the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
d. We will only settle out of court with S.U.G on the following conditions:
c1. He will tender an unreserved apology to nifestng on all the social media groups he went on his campaign of calumny and to individuals he chatted privately.
c2. The said written apology must be seen and approved by nifestng before dissemination.
c3. He must screen shot all the groups and individuals he posted the campaign of calumny to with evidences of the apologies sent and send same to nifestng.
c4. If for any reason nifestng later discovers that there was an individual or group he post his campaign of calumny and never posted an apology, we will still go to court with him and claim damages.

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11. This is our position and we will stand by it in court.
12. Nifestng is willing to work with all entertainment houses in Nasarawa State and beyond based on mutual respect and understanding which is in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDG)-16 which promotes enduring relations and partnerships for development of communities.
13. Nifestng will never disrespect or belittle any individual or company and will never accept the action(s)any individual or company that will do this to nifestng.
14. Nifestng will not hesitate to go to court with any individual, group(s) or companies that spread maliciously false information against nifestng because they have freedom of speech under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or because they got cheap data bundle.
15. We shall use S.U.G to prove a point to all that nifestng cannot be spending millions of naira to build a brand and they will take us as amateurs or jokesters in the entertainment industry!!!

God bless Nasarawa State!!!

God bless the Federal Republic of NigeriaπŸ‡³πŸ‡¬!!!



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