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Top notch musical act, Samozzy has surfaces with an amazing and outstanding song titled “FREEDOM”.

The bank of talent whose song lyrics speaks sensitive and realistic facts is no doubt a one of a kind artiste who forseen the future.

Samozzy was bold enough to speaks about the evil atrocities and indirect slavery that is currently going on in our nation. The young act seek for FREEDOM, UNITY and ONE NATION!!! 




– We need to do something,
– We need to fix everything’s right,
– They call, They call, They call me Samozzy ah….n
– Freedom, Give us our Freedom oh nah……

– Freedom…… We need our Freedom…
– Freedom, Freedom Give us our Freedom… (1x).

VERSE. 0.1.
=[ Freedom of Speech,
– Freedom of Rule,
– Freedom of doing thing,
– Freedom of everything, freedom of everything hee…(2x) ]=
– Biafra.., Biafra,
– Nasarawa state,
– Naija, ono, We need our Freedom…Yee
– We have no mouth to talk,
– We have no power,
– As an indigene, we need to walk like a family and fight for Freedom,
– We need our Freedom onah…
– We need to rule our state,
– We need to rule our Nation.

VERSE. 0.2.
– They came from other places,
– Just to rule us ahn…..
– Mo’azhen la ba mola’kpo Governor,
– Mo’idzi la ba mola’kpo Senator,
– La’kpo House of Reps,
– La’dzu Minister……
– Oren la’ba gi la si (Shri) damo, si damo
– Envyi la’ba gi la si (Shri) damo, si damo
– Ekolanya gi la si (Shri) damo ahn…
– Nga gi fu’abgo gi’dzu tothno,
– Ekpla’nya mola’kpo,
– Amo’enyi awo mo’andakpo lele,
– A’mo la’dzu offices,
– Nga Mo la’kpo mo’eri ba isisi.

VERSE. 0.3.
=[ Freedom and peace,
– Freedom and right, we fight for,
– Independently, Freedom of everything we want.(2x) ]=
– Freedom of speech,
– Freedom of rule,
– Freedom of doing thing,
– Freedom of everything, freedom of everything hee…
– We must to Rule our State,
– We must to Rule our Nation,
– onananana, onananana.

– Onah…
– TheEggonFirstSon.


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