DEEP SECRETS 2.2: Meet artiste, Gnosis and know some of his secrets


Deep Secrets 2.1: Meet Gnosis and know some of his secrets which you probably don’t know.

Hi Bestxplorian, welcome to another fresh and juicy episode of Deep Secrets by BESTXPLORER BLOG where we Xplore, interview and Xpose the secrets of some of the top and trending celebrities. Today we have a rare and a talented rapper, Gnosis.

Read our section with him below…

Qn. Please can you briefly tell us who you are? 
Gnosis: I’m Gnosis, a rapper. Real name Victor

Qn. What tribe are you?
Gnosis: Igala

Qn. What do you do for a living?
Gnosis: Renewable Energy Consultant

Qn. What are your qualifications so far?
Gnosis: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D (in view)

Qn. What motivated or inspired you into music?
Gnosis: Good Music

Qn. Why do you chose the genre of music you’re practising?
Gnosis: Cus I love Rhymes and Poetry (RAP)

Qn. Who is your role model?
Gnosis: Eminem

Qn: How old are you? 

Gnosis: 24

Qn. What is Your best/Greatnest achievement?
Gnosis: Being alive

Qn. Are you signed to any label?
Gnosis: Not at the moment

Qn. What is the Most embarrassing moment of your life?
Gnosis: None

Qn. Are you married, dating or single?

Gnosis: Single

Qn. At what age will you like to marry?
Gnosis: 26

Qn. What’s your favourite food?
GnosisPounded yam and fish soup

Qn. What is your favourite colour?
Gnosis: Brown

Qn. If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?
Gnosis: Wish for a thousand wishes

Qn. Who is your celebrity crush?
Gnosis: None

Qn. Your best Nigerian song?
Gnosis: M.I Abaga – Chant Down Babylon

Qn. One artiste you wanna collaborate with?
Gnosis: SDC

Qn. What was your ambition as a kid?
Gnosis: Be the best at whatever I do

Qn. What do you hate the most?
Gnosis: Lies

Qn. Who is your competitor in music industry?
Gnosis: Me

Qn. Will you choose to be famous over riches or riches over being famous?
Gnosis: Riches over fame

Qn. Will you quit music for N20 million?
Gnosis: I might, but then I’ll be a ghost writer or some anonymous artiste

Qn. Will you choose to stay with Mavin Record in Nigeria or choose USA with free visa and green card?
Gnosis: 😂🤣 US over Mavin

Qn. Should your fans and everyone expect something from you anytime soon?
Gnosis: Good hip hop and rap music

Qn. What do you think about Nasarawa Entertainment Industry?
Gnosis: It’s filled with talents and potentials

Qn. Your advice to upcoming artiste?
Gnosis: Do good music

Thanks for your time sir.

Stay with us as we bring another guest next week.


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