Big headed abnormal child given birth by a Fulani woman in Kwoi, Kaduna state | Watch video and photos


The abnormal baby girl was born by a Fulani woman at Godiya hospital Kwoi, Jaba Local Government of Kaduna state, Nigeria by a renowned Dr. Osaka. From the pictures and video captured by Bestxplorer reporter; one can see that the baby is having an unusual head. The baby girl was born having an extra large head where reports given to Bestxplorer has it that the doctor and nurses struggled for hours trying to get the baby out but to no avail not until a surgery was conducted on the mother and the baby was successfully delivered.

Unfortunately on seeing the baby by the mother, friends and family it was reported to Bestxplorer that most of the family members took to their heels out from the hospital alledging that the baby is from or is a marine spirit and not a human. The mother herself had refuses to hold or feed the baby not until hours later when she changes her mind. On the other hand the father has refused to visit the mother and the child in the hospital.

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The relatives and the mother however thanks Bestxplorer Team for visiting, encouraging them and sharing their story.

Kindly share the news so as many and the government can see and further assist them in anyway possible.

Photos and video below…

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