DEEP SECRETS 2.0: Meet Dolla Prinzz and know more about him


DEEP SECRETS 2.0: Meet Dolla Prinzz and know more about him

Hi readers and Bestxplorians, welcome to another episode of Deep Secrets where we have a chats with some of our Entertainers in order to dig out some of the secrets that you probably don’t know about them.

Today we have DOLLA PRINZZ whose real name is Ezekiel Kambri. Read our chats below…

Qn. Who is Dolla Prinzz?

Dolla Prinzz: Dolla Prinzz is an Amazing Kind of Act… A Great Performer, A Musician.ย 

Qn. Are you a graduate or a student?

Dolla Prinzz: Yeah I am a Graduate of the Nassarawa State University Keffi… A Certified Bsc Degree Holder… Bsc Public Administration Course of Study

Qn. What motivates you into music?

Dolla Prinzz: What Motivated me into Music… Is the Love and Passion I Have for Music…That which Inspired me into Music!!

Qn. Aside from music what do you do to earn a living?

Dolla Prinzz: Lolz… You See I Always wanted to be an Army Generall In the Nigeria Military… But Along the Line… I had a Clarion Call, So I grabed it whole Heartedly!!!

I Don’t believe there is something to do aside Music now for me… Because my love for music is so so Overwhelming… There is this Peace of mind & Joy I normally Felt whenever I Sing Songs.. I gladly Answer this Call with they whole of my Heart and Sincerity!!!

So to me Music is the Thing!!

Dolla Prinzz – C. E. O Dynamic Tunz World

Qn. What is your best/greatest achievement?

Dolla Prinzz: My Greatest Achievements: being a Graduate of the Nassarawa State University Keffi, Alone is one the Greatest Achievement so far in my Life…. Also come Across Some Great personalities,The Likes of MC Gallaxy, House of Ajebo, Mi abaga & the Entertainment Industry… So I still Look more Forward for my Greatest Achievement in Life there After….in no time!!!! Don’t want speak much on that… So many things pulling through.. So much Surprise for my Fans& well wishers out there… Just keep Supporting the Brand!!

Qn. Tell us the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Dolla Prinzz: Embarrassing momentt of my Life::
Lolz….. Was Embarrassed by an Army Officer when performing on Stage… The army man ordered the DJ to stop playing…and me out of the Stage… Before everyone…
There was a Fight going on in the Scene@ the Back stage….so I had to stop performing so that the place can.b calm!!!

Qn. What is favourite food?

Dolla Prinzz: favorite Food… Ama Foodie type oo.. Lolz. Though I love… I Love Jelof Rice!

Qn. If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

Dolla Prinzz: Wishes to be Granted!! An International Record Deal…

with the Warner Brothers Music…
.. They also attachedv with movie company

Qn. Who’s your celebrity crush?


Dolla Prinzz: My Celebrity Crush is Cha Cha Ike… Nollywood Actress

Qn. Your best Nigerian song?

Dolla Prinzz: Best Nigeria Song… I’m Lover of Good music Actually am a fan of this Song

“African Jelof” by Dolla Prinzz!!

Qn. Who is your role model?

Dolla Prinzz: My Role Model isย 

Reekado Banks(Reeky Baby)

Qn. The artiste you wish to collaborate with?

Dolla Prinzz: Wanna Collabo with Reekado Banks, Chris brown etc

Qn. Tell us about your girlfriend?

Dolla Prinzz: About my Girlfriend… About my Girlfriend She is a God Sent Lovely & So Caring…. God bless you Baby!!! Don’t wanna mention name!!! Kinda personal life!!

Qn. What was your ambition as a kid?

Dolla Prinzz: My Ambition as A Kid… To be a U.S. A Military Officer!!

Qn. Who inspired you?

Dolla Prinzz: Who Inspired me… Okay… Aside my Passion & Love for Music… Got inspired by the Likes of Reekado Banks, Chris brown, Davido etc

Qn. Who is your competitor inย music industry?

Dolla Prinzz: My Competitor… Really don’t have a Competitor, there is enough space for every1… So I am just Me!!

Qn. Are you signed to any record label?

Dolla Prinzz: Not yet Signed but having a Brand of mine, Dynamic Tunz World(Dttw)

Qn. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years.

Dolla Prinzz: Where do I see myself in the next 5years…

I see myself a SuperStar Already… Already in 5years coming I am a Legend in de making!!!

Qn. Which Nasarawa female artiste is your crush?

Dolla Prinzz: Nasarawa female Artiste Crush… Respect to all our Nassarawa females Artiste…

But Seriously None I see for now!!

Qn. Which Nasarawa artiste do you wish to collaborate with?

Dolla Prinzz: Which Nasarawa state Artiste would wanna work it….

ย 1 thing about my State Nasarawa… Artiste are really making it.. They are Massivly Hitting up.. There are much to work but don’t wanna call names… Is a little Surprise for my fans out there…

Qn. What is your advice to upcoming artistes especially Nasarawa entertainers?

Dolla Prinzz: Advice to Upcomin Artiste…

ย Love is the First step.. When True Love Exist..

ย Only then we are more than a Conquerors…

ย Let Love Lead… And always stay Humble, Dedicated & Hardworking, Above all pray for Gods grace & Blessings!!

May God bless us all!!

Qn. When should fans expect something from you again?

Dolla Prinzz: Expect my new Afro Tune… African Jelof… Massive Tune, soft banging tune…no much praise… But you gonna testify

African jelof Next Big thing… Drops soonest!!!

BestXplorer: Thanks for your time.

To our readers. This is the end of today episode, stay with us for another episode coming next weekend.


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