Weekend digest: Tips on how to make your boyfriend happy always


Your boyfriend is the source of your happiness so as much as someone gives you immersive happiness you should also be willingly to do much more for them too. Making your boyfriend happy should be one of your everyday responsibilities as the mind is always at peace when your partner is the source of your happiness.

Its not a big deal to see to the happiness of your partner and work towards making them happy. There are some basic things you can do with your boyfriend every day which will always put a big smile on his face. You just have to do little basic things and trust me if you do it with all your heart, he will appreciate it everyday. Here are few ways to make your boyfriend happy.

Be very involve in his daily activities, ask him if he has eaten and if the day is going smoothly. In the case whereby he is having a difficult day or time be his comfort. Let him see that you are always there for him and prove to him how much you want him to do better. Advice him about some basic things and see that your advice yield.

Be a romantic girlfriend, tell him sweet words daily aside from telling him you love him, you can also tell him how proud you are to have him. Let him know he is making progress in his life and you are very happy to see him doing well for himself. Man often love woman who praise them often.

Don’t be suspicious of him, he might be having a bad day already by raising any form of suspicious which might cause issues will make him get sick of you easily. Be loving and trust him 100% and trust me he will always work to keep your trust active. Man often love peaceful girlfriends.

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Endeavor to appreciate the little things he does for you and he will always want to do more. Tell him how grateful you are and he will be happy that you appreciate the things he does for you.

Trust your man’s moves and trust his actions. Don’t doubt his desire towards success instead motivate him that he can do better. Tell him how things will work better for him and in the case whereby you don’t fully support his action, you can tell him in a more loving way.

When he is talking to you be very attentive, always pay a listen ear to his words. Show him full attention when he is talking about things that’s partaking to his life or career. Be an attentive listener, it’s a great way to make your man happy.

Be homely, try as much as possible never to be aggressive beside him, be very accommodating and smile always. Its very attractive when a lady smile often. Be a very homely person, let him feel comfortable whenever he is with you and trust me he will always be happy to be with you.

You should tease him sometimes. Tell him nice things and you can as well send him a lovely and nice funny love quotes which will put a big smile on his face. Be sweet to him and see how joyful he will always be to hear from you. Man love woman who makes them laugh. You can tease him about his new hair do. You can both laugh about little things and trust me he will always be comfortable with you.


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