Whether you’re an artiste or just a fan, we all download songs so as to keep ourselves entertained. But whilst some people download songs randomly, others download songs because they know the artiste or simply because they are his/her fans. Or maybe someone recommended the artiste to them. Yet, others download songs based on the song’s graphic art cover, and others based on how you publicise the song.

But I, King Sniffy of BESTXPLORER don’t download songs because of the above stated reasons. What lure me into downloading songs is the ‘Song Title’. It doesn’t matter whether I know you or not, once your song has a good title and it’s captivating, I would instantly download it.
For instance, I woke up this morning and saw a song titled #LetterToGod by Dninety. Instantly, I was captivated by the song and I am looking forward to being the first person to download it when it is released. Also, #KingsSpeech by Slim Nazi has a very captivating title and because of that, I’m quite eager to download it (probably because I’m also a King. Lol).
Moreso, songs like #LetterToMI_Abaga by D’Paramount, #StoryForTheGods by Olamide, #If_I_Get_Money_Ehn by Magnito, #If_I_Die by Dagrin, #BeefClassiq by Hashim Zamaneh, #LetterToMyUnbornChild by 2Pac and Banky W (respectively), #LetNasDown by J.cole and #2Face by Teedon15 all have catchy titles that would make fans instantly fall in love with them. I still remember clearly how it took me over a month before I could come up with only the title of my song, #SarkinKaduna . Lol…it’s funny right? But that’s the truth. Normally when composing a song, I always come up with the title first before the chorus/hook, then the verses. But in the case of my song ‘Sarkin Kaduna’, I composed the whole song without a title. It was even after recording the song that I fixed the title, because I wanted a very catchy title that would make people download the song at a glance. And my target was accomplished as many people downloaded the song, which was one of the reasons why B.O.C got interested in working on the remix.
Furthermore, have you ever wondered why Davido always uses precision in his songs’ titles? His songs’ titles are very brief and sexy. For example, #Aye , #Gobe , #IF and #FALL just to mention a few. He always make them Short, Simple and Sexy (SSS) because he knows how to draw fans.
I’m a journalist, and in journalism we believe that the title or headline of a news story is the basic factor that determines whether people would read the news or not. So just like a news story, I believe that the most important thing in getting people to like and download your song is the title/headline, because that’s the first thing they see about the song. So it creates the first impression in them. And remember, first impression matters a lot and it lasts forever.
In the light of this, I call on my fellow artistes to always be creative when creating a title for their songs. Don’t just fix it randomly, but make it catchy and attractive. Because your song’s title is your own mantle.

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