Award winning rapper, Didam aka D. I. A as popular known is a Kaduna base rapper whom love for music has taken him far and brought him to limelight, he’s well known in Kaduna and the Northern part of Nigeria for his unique deliveries and world class meaningful songs.
DIA is consider by some fans to be the number one best rapper in Kaduna State.
In early 2018 he recorded a song titled “PVC” Which is also translated as “Please Vote Correctly” the song which had gone viral has received a lots of applauds from fans and critics alike within and outside Nigeria.
DIA musical career have so far recorded some bunch of success, he is however nominated in 3 different categories at Kaduna Entertainment Awards (KEAAWARDS) 2018.
DIA is closely associated with IBI, Dj Cinch, Kayswaggz, Terry Tha Rapman, B.O.C, Pherowshuz, Kevin Words, Nifty Breezy, Lemuel Knight; just to mention but few
FIDWON: Please, briefly tell us your full names and who D.I.A is…
DIA:Β  I am Didam Iliya Ajeye,Β Β  better known as
DIA (Didam is amazing).
I’m a rapper, songwriter & producer from Kaduna State Nigeria, a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria with a bachelors degree in Metallurgical and materials engineering.
FIDWON: What’s your best/greatest achievement
DIA: My greatest out of so many achievement so far is being able to win over my parents to a point where they are now fans of my music.
FIDWON: What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?
DIA:Β  I really can’t recall my most embarrassing moment yet.
FIDWON: What’s your Favourite food?
DIA: My favorite meal is beans porridge with fried plantain 😎
FIDWON: If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?
DIA: The first thing I’d wish for is to be as wise as Solomon.
FIDWON: Who’s your celebrity crush?
DIA: I actually don’t have a celebrity crush. Yet
FIDWON: Are you dating, engaged, married or single?
DIA: Well, I’m married to my hustle……. Lol
FIDWON: What’s your best Nigerian song?
DIA: Presently, Ye by Burna Boy is my favorite Nigerian song.
FIDWON: Who is your role model?
DIA: My mother is my role model.
FIDWON: Who’s that One artiste you wanna collaborate with?
DIA: Jon Bellion is one artiste I’ll love to collaborate with… If wishes were horses.
FIDWON: Who’s your favourite Nigerian rapper?
DIA: Falz the bad guy is my favorite Nigerian rapper
FIDWON: Why do you chose Rap as your genre of music?
DIA:Β  I chose rap over other genres of music because rap music is a genre of music that grants you the liberty to fully express yourself and virtually talk about anything.
It is a dynamic form of music.

FIDWON: What was your ambition as a kid?

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DIA: I wanted to become a comic book artiste/writer before life happened.
FIDWON: Are you signed to any label? If yes how did you get signed?
DIA: No, I’m not signed to any label yet.
I’m an independent artiste for now.
FIDWON: Who inspired you into music?
DIA: No particular person inspired me into music.
I was surrounded by a lot of music lovers all through my childhood so I think I picked it up from everyone around me.
FIDWON: What motivated you to record the popular song PVC?
DIA: The song PVC was instigated by the rough and turbulent times Nigeria is/has been passing through for some years now.
FIDWON: Who would you vote for in 2019 as your President and Governor?
DIA: Lol…..Β  Anyone who follows me closely on social media knows this answer already. Those who don’t, should please follow me.
FIDWON: Who is your competitor in theΒ music industry?
DIA: I don’t see the music industry as a competition ground…
We (artistes) are all on the same team.
FIDWON: Where should fans see DIA in 3 years to come?
DIA: On the clouds fam.
Way above where I am right now.
FIDWON: What’s your view on Kaduna music industry?
DIA: Kaduna music industry has really evolved from what it used to be 5 years ago & I’m pretty sure the evolution won’t stop where it is at the moment.
Though there is still room for improvement but I believe with time, it would only get better.
FIDWON: Your advice to upcoming artistes
DIA:Β  I have a lot of advice to upcoming artistes :
– Always keep an open mind to criticism.
– You should be your biggest critic. Don’t lie to yourself.
– Research and learn more about your genre of music
– Don’t do music for the wrong reasons
– Be humble
– Don’t rush to put out songs, take time to write your songs or hire a writer if need be.
– Work with good experienced producers that would help bring out the best in you.
FIDWON: Wow! Amazing, we appreciate you sir for the time taken to respond to our questions.

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