[MUSIC REVIEW BY BESTXPLORER] Bestxplorer Reviews artist Mckenzy’s Song, “Orne De”.


Song Title: Orne De
Artiste: Mckenzy
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Song Duration: 3:20
Producer: Johnicks
Year: 2017
Song Reviewer: King Sniffy

“Orne De” is a rap/hip-hop song by Kaduna-based rapper, Mckenzy. The song is basically in Hausa language, with only some few lines in English. It has an intro, chorus/hook and two verses only.
The song begins with the intro whereby the artiste calls his name out and utter some few other words. After that, the hook comes in. Well, the hook is nothing serious as the artiste keeps humming the title of the song “Orne De” repeatedly, with one other line occasionally.
The first verse has the artiste rhyming about the haters that are hating on him. He talks about the fact that he is dope and classic, which is the reason why people hate on him.
The second verse is very short, as it contains four lines only. Here, the artiste talks about his hustle and reiterated the fact that he is basically out for the money. And if money is not involved, he is not interested. Then the hook was repeated till the song ends.
The production is good,  both the beat and the vocal. The verses are also good and have dope but simple lines. The chorus/hook is simple and short, but I seriously believe that the artiste could’ve done better on it. All things being equal, the song is good and amazing.

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