[SWEET VALENTINE] Yoruba Actress Joke Jigan Has Shared A Beautiful Story. Read More…


If some actresses have sour stories to tell, not the beautiful Yoruba actress, Joke Jigan of the ‘Bisola Beyonce’ fame. In fact the joy she felt on the day was so palpable her smiles told it all and she capped it with a gleeful Instagram post.
“Okay, so let me take you all back to this day last year when I posted this picture and a lot of you insulted me and a lot just couldn’t wait to see his face and today I am reposting it because love is not how long you have  been together, not how much you have given or received, not how many times you have helped each other, it’s actually how you value each other! You are that man that value this naughty me with all of my naughtiness and you are my VAL!!!!!! Happy Val BABAJEG I love you!!!!!,” she gushed.

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