DEEP SECRETS EPISODE 1: King Sniffy Exposes Terry Tha Rapman Deepest secrets. [bestxplorer]


Terry Madaki, popularly known as Terry tha Rapman (but now prefers T.R) is a veteran and Legendary Nigerian rapper who rose to fame after the release of his hit track, “Na Beans”. His closest allies are Mode Nine, Pherowshuz, Skales, O.D and 6 Foot Plus. He is the founder of “Boys Are Not Smiling” (B.A.N.S) Nation and has been featured by many popular artistes in Nigeria and beyond. Some of his works and features include; “Boys Don Hammer”, “Spazmodic” ft Mode Nine, “Fans Mi” ft Reminisce, Pherow & O.D, “Je Kan Mo” ft Skales, “Boys Are Not Smiling” by Olamide ft T.R, “Wrong Number” by Mode Nine ft T.R and “Bother You” by 2Face Idibia ft T.R, amongst others.

This is the first episode of Deep Secrets, where the Kaduna-based rapper and writer, King Sniffy of bestxplorer interviews Terry tha Rapman aka T.R.

DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1);
King Sniffy: You’re welcome boss. We are pleased and honoured to have you as our first guest on Deep Secrets. Everyone knows who Terry is, so there’s no need for introduction. Please can you tell us what your best or greatest achievement is?

T.R: Winning Best Rap single at the Headies award 2010 with Sample remix feat Stereoman and Pherowshuz.

King Sniffy: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

T.R: Forgetting lyrics to an old rap song when fans requested it to be performed. Thank God they rapped the rest.

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King Sniffy: What’s your favourite food?

T.R: Pounded yam and any good soup.

King Sniffy: If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

T.R: To be granted the keys to the gates of God’s kingdom.

King Sniffy: Who is your celebrity crush?

T.R: Beverly Naya

King Sniffy: What’s your best Nigerian song?

T.R: Currently? Daddy yo by Wizkid

King Sniffy: Who is your role model?

T.R: Jesus Christ

King Sniffy: Tell us one artiste you wanna collaborate with.

T.R: Eminem

King Sniffy: What was your ambition as a kid?

T.R: To be on TV, and it actually happened.

King Sniffy: You’ve been in the game for so long, more than a decade. Yet you are still young as ever, what’s the secret?

T.R: I really do believe vampires exist,But it’s not like the movies portray them to be. Maybe I’m one.

King Sniffy: Advice to upcoming artistes

T.R: Work hard,respect the pioneers before You,pay your dues and pray to God. #BANS

And that’s the end of DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1), hope you enjoyed it? We’ll be having a different artiste on Episode 2 next week. Follow us on twitter; @BestXplorer @KingSniffy @TerryThaRapman


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