TRADITIONS: The Movie Set To Break Global Record Hitting International Film Festivals Directed by Paul Igwe , Produced by Maimuna Abaji Yahaya


TRADITIONSΒ the movie bothers on one of the fundamental values which defines the African essence ; its Communal experience.

However, this socio-cultural experience is sometimes inundated with harmful widowhood traditional practices which are targeted at the vulnerable like women and children.


This critical issue is the thematic thrust of the Movie β€œTraditions”. Interestingly this novel movie is coming at the heels of the callΒ forΒ functional stories from Nollywood which addresses specific developmental agenda in our communities. It is therefore a refreshing exposition of an important agenda in our quest for development.

The movie TRADITIONS is the delicate balance between conservatism and cultural dynamism which lies

in the need for social engineering of life experiences. Hence the need to foster a new paradigm when history demands.

Africa has indeed moved from an era of primordial sentimentality to positive engagement of all the minority position to liberate men and women alike from unwholesome traditional practices that puts them in precarious and perpetual conditions.

To this end, such harmful cultural practices that dehumanizes women ought to be jettisoned to give way for gender equity and empathy for women folks.

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This is the agenda setting of the movie β€œTraditions” which is a production of Maimuna Abaji Yahaya, one of the rising voices for women liberation in her movies.

Directed by Paul Igwe. Starring Ayo Binta Mogaji, Maureen Solomon Okereke, Cynthia Okereke, Maimuna Abaji Yahaya, Tommy Roland, Adejoh Ibrahim, Emeka Okoye and a host of others.




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