Why Do Female Artistes In Nasarawa State Don’t Collaborate?


When Should We Expect A Joint Collaboration Between Nasarawa State Female Artistes?

Let’s first understand the concept or the meaning of the word ‘Collaboration‘ in time of music or entertainment.

A music collaboration is when two artistes or creatives come together to make a song. This usually results in something better than they ever could have made individually. It’s basically a combination of both creatives’ skills, styles, and knowledge, in one song.

This could be multiple songwriters coming together to make a great, catchy song. It could also be an artiste working with a producer or two artistes coming together.


– Why do we not see or listen to a joint collaboration between Nasarawa State female artistes?

– Why do the female artistes don’t collaborate with each others just as the male artistes do?

It is not longer a news that Nasarawa State is blessed with talented female artistes ranging from rappers to singers.

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Few among these acts are; Maya, Jbaby, Cherry, Tima Giwa, Asheazi Aga, Lizzjay, Ashanti, Tessy, Tyna etc.

These are ladies that are blessed with talents, voices, writing skills and have the passion for what they do. But to our surprise we don’t see a featured or collaborative song(s) among or between them. What could actually be the problem?

Does it mean they find it difficult to relate with each other unlike their males counterpart?

Or does it mean all of them are feeling superior to each others?

BestXplorer is calling and urging these female artistes to as a matter of urgency to think and start relating with each other.

Collaboration between you will give you new opportunities which will impress you in the long run and eventually be glad that you did it.

Fidwon BestXplorer



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