Nasarawa APC Primaries is in the Eyes of the Storm – (Anonymous)


The Contortions towards the 2023 General Elections has started off amidst interesting permutations on how to select the best candidates that would dedicate themselves to stemming the obvious drift of the nation, and put Nigeria on the desired path to sustainable growth and development.

While such permutations are on at the national scene, a similar scenario, or an even much more interesting one is currently playing out in our most strategic constituency, the Nasarawa North.

In 2019, we gave our mandate to a man of whom we thought will effect change to the good people of Nasarawa North, Hon Ombamas under the Umbrella of the PDP, even though we weren’t sure of what he has for us. And indeed, we surely did not reaped the benefits of our epileptic choice we all made.

Sadly, he retains his ticket from his party the PDP to continue for another Four years.

As it stands, Only the APC delegates can save us from this error we made during electing him.

Now, the contest is on to select a flagbearer for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the member house of Reps for Nasarawa North in the Primary election scheduled for Friday. And we are quite disturbed that delegates will present us an unpopular and inexperienced person to represent us in 2023 of whom we fear will be defeated and put us in another four years trauma and skeptical living.

Dear delegates, 5 or 6 people are aspiring for this same position from the same zone and I want to spell them out for your perusal and necessary action. Some of whom, have contributed to community development while some have not done anything to their communities.


He is the Convener of the Mai Zuma campaign organization.

He has No single project traced to his name that shows his love for Humanity or his community.

His elder brother was a onetime house of Reps member who represented Akwanga, Wamba and Nasarawa Eggon.

Unlike Kwara State where a Particular family switch electoral positions as an entitlement, same will not happen in Nasarawa North.

With much respect, I advice Mai Zuma to give room to a more challenging candidate if he loves and respect the party and mean well for his Community.

2. Hon Bar. Makpa Malla

This is one silent aspirant, many will even think he has given up on the race. His story is like that of a Single beautiful maiden without suitors. He has no media recognition, seems the youths, the middled aged has despised him.

He is doing his things low- key not minding the Outcome, he wants to win and become our Reps haven served in the state with so much gibbering acts in the house and we all know how it ended.
He believes in the slogan “Unending Possible Possibilities”

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3. Hon Jeremiah Umaru.
This is a fine gentleman with several titles, a Chartered Accountant whose preaching of peace and unity is always his first words during social gatherings.

Very young and focused, passionate community developer, Preserver of Cultural heritage, Philanthropist and a Community Development Spicer.

He has lifted many youths from grass to grace and still doing it unapologetically and he stand to be the only aspirant with a convincing and rich Blueprint which captures everything needed in Nasarawa North. He didn’t only spell them out, he designed a format on how to execute them strategically.

JJ Umaru who is with the title JAKADAN WAMBA has proven to the Party that indeed he is here to work and change the narratives,
He Renovated the APC Party office in Gitta Electoral Ward, purchased land for the construction of party Secretariat in Wamba, processing the acquisition of land for APC Akwanga and Nasarawa Eggon, Purchase of Chairs to APC Akwanga Office respectively.

4. Abdullahi Muku

This is another man who has done his best for the community and wants to do more if presented the baton to run.

Hon Muku is known for Jobs creation but again many feels he has been lopsided and should have done better as a DG in an Organization. This same personality like Mai Zuma has no single project to his name as well.

5. Hon Asheadzi
This is another woman who came out of the dark to compete with the men in running the race. The APC as a party did well for breaking the rules of a woman’s career ends in the kitchen by allowing them pick the form for free.

She wants to give a thorough fight and get the baton but have contributions to humanity is not traceable and her Local government is even unknown to the people.

I and other concerned citizens of Nasarawa North, therefore, believe that the most appropriate person to be elected for the party’s ticket come Friday should be visible in the assessment above. He should be the most competent and capable person to give Nasarawa North the quality representation that we deserve in 2023, his personality and the pedigree should be a great electoral asset to the party. He should be a household name across Nasarawa North. There should be no home where his name will be mentioned and the residents would not shower praises on him, in view of his uncountable humanitarian support towards the people, Preservation of Cultural heritage and community development.

Please give us who will make the youths a workable ones, the women business owners, our farmers farm inputs, our children quality education and Scholarships.

From top to bottom you should know who is more qualified to bring us lasting Joy.




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