My Untimely Death (Written by Enoch Israel; Dedicated to Deborah Samuel)


My Untimely Death
(Written by Enoch Israel; Dedicated to Deborah Samuel) 

Have you ever been stoned to death?
Have you had your life taken like debt?
Sit down and enjoy my story
A story of agony mixed with glory
The pain I feel is like none other
Please, someone should call my mother!
I feel alone here
My companions are blood, sweat and tears
Tens of men are upon me
The pain is like the sting of bee
They are now in hundreds
Heavy comrades
With wicked stones and sticks
I wish it was film tricks
But this is real
They are out to make a kill
And I am the target
Today I will sleep in a casket.
I watch as I breath my last
All my dreams are now in the past
What a merciless world
I was beaten until my soul unfurled
Fire! Oh, fire!
My body is on fire
My corpse is set ablaze
Forgive my alleged blasphemy and craze
Tell my family not to fight
Tell the church not to fight
For we all have a price to pay
I am just unlucky today is my day.



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