Clem Ohameze: Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is a special Prophet from the Most High God, Popular Nollywood Veteran, Chinwe Owoh (Watch Video)





The critic, described as Mathias, who had described himself as a founder
of a foundation that cure people had said there was nothing like
miracle, stressing that pastors, especially Billionaire Prophet Fufeyin
only perform fake miracles.
Owoh, who said she watched the video of the critic online noted that it
was by mercy of God through the ministry of Fufeyin that she could walk
again miraculously.
“I believe his God, Actress Owoh, stressing that the critic would only
attract the anger of God if speaks wrongly against anointed men of God
like Fufeyin.
While the critic, in the video clip online said Fufeyin only provided
money to sick celebrity, failing to heal, Owoh discredited the claim,
noting that she was in critic condition that confined her to a
wheelchair before meeting Fufeyin for prayers.
“I saw something in the internet that Jeremiah is fake. The person must
be crazy to make that statement . People knew me with walking sticks. It
was the God of Jeremiah that healed me,” she said.
The Nollywood Veteran, Owoh described Fufeyin as a special Prophet from
the most high God.
A Prophet, Ojenamuo Ojenamadu, in a video insisted that the comments
made by critic could incite religious war, stressing that it remained
insulting, debilitating and blaspheming to speak against Jesus Christ
and the very essence of Christianity.
According to him, it is only fools like the critic that says there is no
God, adding that the prophet should not only be taken as fool but
punished by God for careless comments.
Ojenamadu, who showed series of testimonies that has happed at Fufeyin
church with the people testifying to work God is doing asked the public
especially Christians not to allow anti-Christ like the critic deceived
Ojenamadu noted that is not surprising that the man could make such
comments because many people refused to celebrate Jesus Christ when he
was alive.
He noted that Fufeyin did not attend to rich people but extend love to
even sex workers by lifting them from the street.


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