Male Nurse Hailed For Helping Woman Deliver Baby On The Road


Viral photos on social media have captured moments a pregnant woman in labour was forced to deliver on the road with the help of a male nurse.

A male nurse is receiving praises from all quarters after photos of him helping a woman deliver in the middle of a road went viral.

The nurse known as Willian Otoo helped a pregnant woman in labor to deliver a baby whiles on her way to the nearest family.

Photos show two other women covering the pregnant woman in labour from being scorched by the sun with a cloth while Willian also performed his duties.

William Otoo is a community nurse at the Amartey CHIPS compound in the Kwahu South Municipal Assembly, Eastern Region.

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The road to the CHIPS compound is so bad only motorbikes ply the road.

He is a community Nurse at Amartey CHIPS compound in the Kwahu South municipality of Eastern Region …He delivered a pregnant woman in the middle of the road..

The road in the community where he works is so bad that it’s only motors that work there.

— don dingo. (@ksheldongh) November 1, 2021


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