Deep Secrets: Meet Cypzy And Know Some Of His Secrets


Deep Secrets: Meet an amazing rapper from Kaduna state, Cypzy and know some of his secrets which you probably don’t know.

Hi Bestxplorian, welcome to another fresh and juicy episode of Deep Secrets brought to you Xlcusively by BESTXPLORER Blog. This is a program where we Xplore, interview and Xpose the secrets of some of the top and trending celebrities. Meet Cypzy

Qn. Please can you briefly tell us who is Cypzy?

Cypzy: My name is Cyprian Cypzy, I am a rapper, teacher, singer and a song writer.

Qn. What tribe are you and from which state/LGA?

Cypzy: I am Mada by Tribe from nassarawa state, Akwanga local government

Qn. Wow many people don’t know that. What is your native name?

Cypzy: Lol no comment.

Qn. How old are you?

Cypzy: I am 28yr old.

Qn. What do you do for a living?

Cypzy: am into hospitality business and music.

Qn. What was your ambition as a kid?

Cypzy: I have always wanted to be a lawyer, I still do.

Qn. What are your qualifications so far?

Cypzy: I am a graduate of Kaduna state College of education, American school of economics and other programmes relating to business.

Qn. What motivated or inspired you into music?

Cypzy: My late mother, (Esther Mbaka) she has been a music lover that she even named me after the late Lucky Dube.

Qn. Why do you chose the Gospel Rap?

Cypzy: I don’t believe i choose Gospel Rap, rather Gospel Rap Chooses me, because i started as a contemporary artist and it has been peaceful for me, although Christian rap music brings me more joy so i find fulfillment and peace of mind by doing that.

Qn. Who is your role model?

Cypzy: Lol aside God? My late mum Esther Mbaka and Barr Esther Dawaki are my Role Models.(Two Amazing and Outstanding Women in my life)

Qn. What is Your best/greatest achievement?

Cypzy: Uhm my greatest achievement? I can’t really say which one is,as everything in my life is working out for Good and according to God’s plans.

Qn. Are you signed to any label?

Cypzy: Lol yes,(Extandy Music Group)

Qn: What is the Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Cypzy: Lol i don’t have, there’s nothing in my life to be embarrassed about as everything happens for a reason and a lesson.

Qn. Are you married, dating or single?

Cypzy: I am not married, I am not dating and i am not single either 😀

Qn. Who is your first love?

Cypzy: My Mother

Qn. At what age will you like to marry?

Cypzy: For me i believe marriage isn’t all about age,so i don’t have a specific age,but i definitely will get married when i am ready.


Qn. What’s your favourite food?

Cypzy: Pate (Traditional Food)

Qn. If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

Cypzy: I have lost a whole lot of things this year, my wish would be for God to restore that which i have lost back to me.

Qn. Who is your celebrity crush?

Cypzy: Hahaha Esther Dawaki

Qn: Your best Nigerian song?

Cypzy: Pay Me by Oxlade (infact anything from oxlade)

Qn. One artiste you wanna collaborate with?


Qn. What do you hate the most?

Cypzy: Being taken for granted.(Over Familiarity)

Qn. What do you love the most?

Cypzy: Money 😀😀😀😀

Qn. What scares you the most?

Cypzy: Nothing scares me anymore sir.

Qn. Do you have a competitor in music the industry?

Cypzy: Nope,I’ve never and i never will.

Qn. Will you choose fame over riches or riches over fame?

Cypzy: Riches over fame please.

Qn: Will you quit music for $20 million (Dollars)?

Cypzy: No i won’t,i believe with music i will make more than that.

Qn: Will you choose to stay with Mavin Record in Nigeria or choose USA with free visa, green card and with a job that gives you $40,000 (dollars) monthly?

Cypzy: Hmmm see i don’t make this music for the money or fame,i do it for soul satisfaction,trust me I’d rather stay here with Mavins.

Qn. Should your fans and everyone expect something from you anytime soon?

Cypzy: Yes my EP BLOOD,TEARS AND SMILES is coming out this January,so yes they should expect nothing but greatness.

Qn. What do you think about Kaduna and Kano states Entertainment ranging from the artistes, event planners, OAPs, promoters, bloggers, producers etc?

Cypzy: Hmmm i believe everyone is working hard and putting in their best for the growth and development of music in the above mentioned states, despite it’s not an easy task but if we keep it going,we will get there.

Qn. Your advice to upcoming artistes?

Cypzy: Lol make una stay focus and write from una heart, forget about i want blow i want be celebrity, just stay humble and make good music, plus study hard.

BX. Impressive sir.

Cypzy Quote: “Empty Barrel Loma Kpariwo” (Empty drum makes the loudest noise)

BX: Thanks for your time and may God bless you and your music.

Cypzy: Thank you Bestexplorer for what you do for us, God Bless You 🙏

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