Deep Secrets: Meet Andy Koret And Know Some Of His Secrets


Deep Secrets: Meet an amazing rapper from Kaduna state, Koret and know some of his secrets which you probably don’t know.

Hi Bestxplorian, welcome to another fresh and juicy episode of Deep Secrets brought to you Xlcusively by BESTXPLORER Blog. This is a program where we Xplore, interview and Xpose the secrets of some of the top and trending celebrities. Meet Andy Koret.

When you read through you will know much things about him.

Qn. Please can you briefly tell us who is Andy Koret?

Koret: Firstly, my name is Andrew Nehemiah John with a tribal name La’ah. Am the first from a family of four boys one girl. My mum, Maria, is a blessed memory may her soul rest in peace. The name “Andy” simply means “Andrew” while “Koret” is a nickname my friends gave me when they realised that am good virtually at all doings so they started calling me correct which later became viral in my school earning me the most popular guy in campus award which i later respelled as Koret.

Qn. Quite awesome!. What tribe are you and from which state/LGA?

Koret: Ohh… tribe is Tyap from Zangon Kataf LGA but was born and raised in Kagoro Kaura LGA of Kaduna state.

Qn. What is your native name?

Koret: My native name is La’ah.

Qn. But not the Senator La’ah? lol. So how old are you?

Koret: Am 28

Qn. Young and energetic. What do you do for a living?

Koret: I’m a counsellor. I counselled both HIV positive and negative patients, i also make sure the positive ones are initiated to treatment, make sure they adhere to their drugs and how to live a positive life without infecting anybody. Currently, am working in st louis hospital zonkwa.

Qn. I admire that. What was your ambition as a kid?

Koret: My ambition as a kid was to be a Pilot

Qn. What are your qualifications so far?

Koret: I have a diploma in Account and tax administration from ATAP Bauchi.

Qn. Best of success in your endeavors. What motivated or inspired you into music?

Koret: Ice Prince Zamani, M.I Abaga, Wizkid, ClassiQ, Pherowshuz, Terry G, Sty-plus were a great source of inspiration to me back then and will still be.

Qn. You have eyes and ears for good artistes. I guess that explains why you got your inspiration from these acts. So, Why do you chose Rap Music?

Koret: I was born from a deep hiphop rooted family…. I was born and brought up from a music family. My parent are ardent fans of the genre which makes it compulsory for me and my siblings to grew up listening to Hip hop music even at an elementary stage. My father is still a fan till date. As we speak now almost everybody in my family is a musician. Music is just a most to do thing when you come from my kind of home.

Qn. Wow!!! Music family. Who is your role model?

Koret: My role model is Ice Prince

Qn. What is Your best/greatest achievement?

Koret: My best and greatest achievement so far… is gotten nominated in the Kafanchan Industry Awards as the Artist of the Year and the song of the year respectively and i pray we bag all home cos we’ve put alot of work, energy, resources and handwork this year.

Qn: Best of luck sir. Are you signed to any label?

Koret: Am not signed into any label but am a CEO of Koret Drumz Entertainment (KDE)….cofounded with my kid brother Mizta Rash back in 2010.

Qn. What is the Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Koret: The most embarrassing moment of my life is when i was told to get prepared to perform at the selina tested crew tour in kafanchan which i did, i was meant to believe there’s nothing going to stop me from performing. I bought tickets for four people qnd even my self still paid for my artist registration fee and still never performed. I felt like going nuts coz i was terribly prepared for the event. At last i came to realise that that is how the story of an upcoming artist look like. There are a lot of ups and downs so we good.

Qn. We shouldn’t be discourage and am glad you’re not. So, Are you married, dating or single?

Koret: Am not married, am single and am dating and will soon get married to the girl in my current relationship….Amen.

Qn. Amen! Who is your first love?

Koret: My first love was Celestina, a girl i met in my secondary school days in Pankshin, Plateau state.

Qn. At what age will you like to marry?

Koret: I will love to get married ehen at 30 or 32

Qn. Hope I’ll be invited though lol. What’s your favourite food?

Koret: My favourite food is “Kati” a traditional porridge that consist of all the classes of food. My people use to say “Kati lan tuk” that’s, Kati surpasses Tuwo😁

Qn. If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

Koret: I will wish to have my own studio, house, get married and raised godly kids

Qn. May your wishes come to a fulfillment amen! Who is your celebrity crush?

Koret: My celebrity crush is Stefflon Don

Qn. What is your best Nigerian song?

Koret: My best Nigerian song is “Oleku” by Ice Prince Zamani

Qn. I love that song in particular too. So who’s that One artiste you wanna collaborate with?

Koret: I wish to collaborate with Wizkid or Fire Boy

Qn. What do you hate the most?

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Koret: I hate back biting

Qn. What do you love the most?

Koret: I love music and fruits

Qn. What scares you the most?

Koret: Swimming scares me the most.

Qn. Lol this is funny. So do you have a competitor in music the industry?

Koret: Noooo….i don’t do competitions i only do raw me and that’s all.

Qn. Will you choose fame over riches or riches over fame?

Koret: My guy I love riches o…. just keep the fame and give me the riches….i got responsibilities kachakacha.

Qn. Lol so it is about the money? This leads us to the next question; Will you quit music for $20 million (Dollars)?

Koret: What will i use 20 million dollars for if not music? So anything that will hinder me from music is an enemy. I suppose to be in the Army but i don’t because of music. If i can work in an hospital and still squeeze time to do music then you should know by now that music is part of me i can do without.

Qn. I can see your love and passion for music: Will you choose to stay with Mavin Record in Nigeria or choose USA with free visa, green card and with a job that gives you $40,000 (dollars) monthly?

Koret: I rather go to the US and earn my $40k a month for 5years before coming back to refurnished my arts and label

Qn. Should your fans and everyone expect something from you anytime soon?

Koret: My fans should always be anticipating koret music from me as i prefer dropping singles to albums. Am a music man i don’t play with that…..there’s a song am currently promoting. I released it on the 13th November, 2021 and its titled #Odogwu. The song generated more than 2k streams in less than 40hrs on audiomack that is to say we are improving and doing good.

Qn. What do you think about Kaduna Entertainment ranging from the artistes, event planners, OAPs, promoters, bloggers, producers etc?

Koret: Wow, Kaduna entertainment Industry is doing good but very slowly. The industry is one sided…..there’s need for reformations. Both the artist, event planners, OAPs, promoters, designers, djs, producers etc should come together to profer solutions.

Basically, my music is not for Kaduna entertainment industry consumptions i do African Music, somethingthat ca be heard worldwide. I want to be dropping stuff that can withstand time like Baba Fela. Am a legend in the making so am seeing me beyond Kaduna entertainment but because i come from Kaduna and now living in kaduna, it’s a most to rep my city and where i come from.

If the artist in kaduna can unite and stand for each other, hype each other, promote each other to friends and fans then we will see our industry blossoming more than any other in the country.
We have the best talents but we still can’t boast with a good to go acts repping the state Internationally all because of envy. How can you grow without your hommies support ? This is not the case in Jos, Bauchi, Taraba or Adamawa. The artist there supports themselves at always…that’s why upcoming artist enjoy in such states. They got paid after performing and there people do come out to support them when they organise a show.

I love using Lagos as a case study because i used to base there sometime ago and am very sure after now i will relocate back to eko to keep doing ma thing.

What our counterparts does there is supporting one another in one way or the other. One thing we fail to understand is if you help someone to blow automatically you too do blow already be that. But by the time everyone wants to blow selfishly without putting others into consideration then there will be a problem just as the one we are facing in Kaduna now.

Let’s build a strong network within us and am sure we will make a lot of impact in the Nigerian music industry.

Event planners should always support the upcoming artist with something after performance not the other way round. It helps boost our morale.

We should always keep money issues aside or give a discount for the services we are providing. Don’t always go for the money and forgetting the mutuality that binds us. Put everybody’s interest in mind like it’s yours then we will see the changes.

Qn: What’s Your advice to upcoming artistes?

Koret: To the upcoming artist….make sure you know what your fans wants from you and be giving it to them not you giving them what you want…. you will get wrong results. Always interact with the fans cheerfully, help them when they are in need and when you are opportuned to.

Always reply them when thay are chatting you or commenting on your stuff because that’s what Dax uses to be where he is now. Don’t come and be forming wizkid that you are not by not interacting with them….it hurts seeing somebody without a blue check ignoring chats.

Always eat good food, excersise well, drink alot of water, don’t depend on hard drugs, minimise alcohol intakes, always rehearse and the sky will be our limit.

Koret Quote: “Even kings know who crown them”

BX: I love your advice. These are strong words. Thanks for your time.

Koret: Thanks for having me🤞
Stay korected 🙏🙏🙏

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