Popular and Oldest University of Jos Student, Jango Finally Graduated


Most popular student in the history of Unijos JANGO!!! A.K.A Aluta Jango, the most senior comrade officially writes final graduating papers

Wild celebrations enveloped Unijos and environs as JANGO celebrates his graduation.

Aluta JANGO as he is popularly called has been an “ICON” in the eyes of many in the university, the student is rumored to have spent well over 13 years in the university campus before this graduation.

JANGO is visibly everywhere during his stay in the university, he attended old campus, main campus and the permanent site. JANGO is a very smart, sociable student who could memorise the hostel rooms of hundreds of students off hand.

In his days in the university, he participated actively in Political and social activities henced being crowned the “most senior comrade of the university”

The guy’s travails has made him often in the lips of many, one of the occasions where his named popped up online was when university of Jos students were having an online war with University of abuja students.

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A Unijos student posted that “JANGO is more popular than the VC of University of abuja”

Other remarks on his graduation news include, “Jango should be a course to be studied in the University” , “this is a true example of What God cannot do does not exist” , Another commenter said “Jango has graduated but will he agree to leave the campus?”

Many other ladies also shared their experiences with the most senior comrade , most talked about how authoritative he is when he wants to woe a lady and some say he threatens, some others say he is the kindest guy they have met.

Whether the stories are true or not, Jango has made a statement that would be hard to be erased in the history of the university.

We hope people pick the positive lessons from the dogged, never-giving-up, young promising man.

Source: NansMark


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