Deep Secrets: Meet Mantex And Know His Secrets


Deep Secrets: Meet an amazing rapper from Nasarawa state, Mantex and know some of his secrets which you probably don’t know.

Hi Bestxplorian, welcome to another fresh and juicy episode of Deep Secrets brought to you Xlcusively by BESTXPLORER Blog. This is a program where we Xplore, interview and Xpose the secrets of some of the top and trending celebrities. Meet Mantex aka Da Sabiboi


Qn. Please can you briefly tell us who you are?

MANTEX: My name is Longji Richard Dantaro. i am a musical artist and also a student of The Nasarawa state university Keffi.

Qn. What tribe are you and from which state/LGA?

MANTEX: I am Nyenkpa from Panda development area of Karu LGA

Qn. What is your native name?

MANTEX: Longji is my only native name though its from my mums side.

Qn. How old are you?


Qn. What do you do for a living?

MANTEX: I am a book binder, though still learning.
We bind mostly student projects and any type of book.

Qn. Awesome I love seeing our young artistes engaging on other businesses. So, What was your ambition as a kid?

MANTEX: Omo I wanted to become a pilot oh

Qn. Lol. What are your qualifications so far?

MANTEX: To summarize it up, the current at hand is my O level

Qn. Your songs lyrics shows you’re quite brilliant. So, what motivated or inspired you into music?

MANTEX: As a kid i had this large ear for music
I will fill papers with lyrics of various musicians just to cram and mime. I think the first time I wrote a song I was about 10 or 11. I belonged to a singing and dance crew at that time and everybody was asked to write atleast one song to be selected for an album. I wrote A nigerian peace song i think unfortunately it was not picked. I would say church… Yes the church inspired me because i learnt almost every basic thing about music there

Qn. Why do you chose the genre of music you’re practising?

MANTEX: I do basically Hipop and afro beats.
The only reason I do and still will not leave hipop is because I dont think I find any other genre that i can express my self the way I want other than rap.
i also got great love for afro, I think it was the first genre of song i ever wrote. Had to just get back t it cause of the recognition its getting globally. I quite can do it right?? So why not take multiple shots and see where it lands me.

Qn. Who is your role model?

MANTEX: Drake. Been learning a lot from that OG.
He is almost everything i wish to acomplish as an artist

Qn. What is Your best/greatest achievement?

MANTEX: there is this time my fees got payed by a total stranger who now is a fam i dont want to mention. I met him at Mkay’s studio. I was about resuming SS3 as of then. He heard my record and promises to do something for me and he did.
No award so far has beat that for me.

Qn. Wow, may God bless him more for us. Are you signed to any label?

MANTEX: No, I just belong to a crew known as ACTION EMPIRE

Qn. What is the Most embarrassing moment of your life?

MANTEX: Cant really think I remember any embarrasing moment

Qn. Are you dating or single? If dating who is your she and do you have plans to settle down with her anytime soon?

MANTEX: I am dating and would not like not memtion her name. About settling down, lets just see what the future holds.

Qn. Who is your first love?

MANTEX: Omo I have forgotten her name

Qn. At what age will you like to marry?

MANTEX: If am stable and am with the right one 27/28

Qn. What’s your favorite food?

MANTEX: Tuwon shinkafa and bene sead soup

Qn. If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

MANTEX: That I wake up and see that these past years was a dream and my late dad and elder bro were still here

Qn. Oh sorry to remind you of the past. Who is your celebrity crush?

MANTEX: Teyana Taylor

Qn. Your best Nigerian song?

MANTEX: At the moment “Motivate” by Magixx

Qn. One artiste you wanna collaborate with?


Qn. What do you hate the most?

MANTEX: Bad energy

Qn. What do you love the most?

MANTEX: Making positive impact

Qn. What scares you the most?

MANTEX: Failure

Qn. Hmm we’re all scare of this. Do you have a competitor in music the industry?


Qn. Will you choose fame over riches or riches over fame?

MANTEX: Riches over fame

Qn. Will you quit music for $20 million (Dollars)?

MANTEX: As of now yes

Qn. Hmm your answer is strong on this. So, Will you choose to stay with Mavin Record in Nigeria or choose USA with free visa, green card and with a job that gives you $40,000 (dollars) monthly?

MANTEX: I will stay with Mavin in Nigeria
My Visa and green card will come from there.

Qn. Should your fans and everyone expect something from you anytime soon?

MANTEX: Been really working, its been sessions on sessions. Big plans coming, so yes i have got a project am yet to announce. Just want to give my martians the best no matter how long it takes.

Qn. What do you think about Nasarawa Entertainment Industry ranging from the artistes, event planners, OAPs, promoters, bloggers, producers etc?

MANTEX: The industry here is crazy and still advancing day by day. Not a single day passes that I dont see a soul trying to polish it right and another trying bring it down. Believe me everyone has bee trying in their own way. I see moves everyday from great personalities and you can agree looking back that the industry has taking a great and good turn.
But lets not forget that the prize aint really at home. Lets build a great industry in Nasarawa but at the same time not dwell in it.

Qn. Your advice to upcoming artistes?

MANTEX: That thing you are doing now… Do it times 10, seek for advice from way bigger personalities and pray for grace.

MANTEX QUOTE:There will be no one to chant your victory songs when you win alone”

Stay with us as bring to you another entertainer soon

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