10 Things You Should Know About Music & School EP By Shekx


In anticipation for the release of “Music & School EP” by Shekx the (Vibe Machine). We have come up with 10 things that you should know about the project and a hint of what to expect from the Vibe Machine.

The Extended Play as revealed will be release in December on the day of the listening party.

Truth be told this project is beyond your and my expectations, it’s more than a rhythm.

Read BestXplorer conversation with Shekx

Qn: Define “Music & School”

Shekx: Music & School is a term I use in describing who i am,where I am and my aspirations to life. It’s could further be seen as a total balance of both Music & School with no fear of loss. 

Qn. What’s your inspiration that brought about the Music & School EP?

Shekx: As a University Student doing Music and been concern about the current state of my very own Country Nigeria. Even though I felt addressing it was necessary I also felt the need to take my space in the Afro New school world fusing Music & School while in school.

Qn. Did you write all the songs alone without an assistance or a co-writer?

Shekx: I wrote all my songs and I wouldn’t think I would be needing a Song writer anytime soon.
You know why? I am the VÍBË MACHINE😎

Qn: Amazing! So, did you face any challenges or oppression while on this project?

Shekx: Sure, I faced a lot of challenges not in the aspect of composing and recording the project but psychologically balancing Music & School it self is hell for me, that I had to proportioned it to a ratio of Music 30% while School 70% just for me to achieve my academic goal and it is the same me that wants to keep the music thing 100% all for the principle of “anything worth doing is worth doing well” so long as Shekx is concerned.

Qn: Have you gotten any support so far?

Shekx: Practically am all time on support.
Support from God for life and daily bread for I will perish without him. The Academic support from my family. And the Unmerited social support from my loved ones,Course-mates,friends, colleagues & OGs keeps me going. I love you all, God bless you.

Qn: What should fans really expect from Shekx through this EP?

Shekx: My fans should anticipate Good Music Only. Something uniquely different. Bringing Reality to Life.

Qn: How many genres and how many tracks does the EP carries?

Shekx: Base on Víbë Machine i vibed differently on this project making a distinct difference between all the songs on this project. But afrobeat and Afrotrap showed more face.

Qn: Should fans expect a Dancehall track and a love song?

Shekx: Smile 😊 They should just expect Good Music Only from the Víbë Machine.

Qn: What are your plans for the project?

Shekx: My plans remains uncovered until it’s explode Godswilling.

Qn: How many artistes and producers did you worked with on the projec?

Shekx: I featured NO Artiste, it’s all Me, myself and I. As for producers I worked with just 5 namely :
Yungtril, BeatBoi, Realtrics, E-tunes & Waviboi

BX: Thank you for the time. Wishing you blessings and success on this project



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