Davido Breaks Boredom With Chores, Shows Off New Skills Aside Making Music


Davido has dazzled his fans with his awesome cleaning power.

While many kill boredom by engaging in fun activities,Β DavidoΒ chose to do some scrubbing.

The FEM singer stunned fans afterΒ Special SpeshΒ shared a clip showcasing Davido’s cleaning power as he scrubbed a barbecue grill in his kitchen.

According toΒ Davido, he resorted to doing some house chores out of boredom. Apparently, he didn’t want to work on his songs and decided to kill boredom by cleaning his house in the US.

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Netizens hopped on Instagram to commend the megastar for his humility. Some also wished for the opportunity to do house chores out of boredom and not because they are mandated to do so.

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