Nigerian Soldiers Have Confirmed That Their Location Was Targeted By The Nigerian Airforce On Sunday


The Nigerian army has claimed that they were targeted by the Nigerian Airforce fighter jets on Sunday. In a news report by People’s Gazette, the soldiers claimed that their ground troops were attacked by fighter jets which belonged to the Nigerian Airforce. The Nigerian Airforce mistook the ground troops for insurgents. The number of casualties hasn’t been made public knowledge and it is unclear the extent of the damage.

People’s Gazette also reported that they have contacted the Air Force for comments about the soldiers claim. This latest development seems to point on the fact that there seems to be a lack of communication between the Nigerian army and Air Force. There should be a form of communication which should help both military forces to avoid engaging each other as a result of mistaken identity.

The Nigerian military forces has encountered countless numbers of casualties as a result of the fight with insurgents in Nigeria. It will be completely amateur and unprofessional to encounter more loses because of communication lapses. People’s Gazette also uploaded a video which showed some Nigerian soldiers as they recounted and confirmed the Air Force strike.


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