Why Terry Tha Rapman and Grammyboi Won’t Be On AYL Cypher – CEO of AYL Universe, King Sniffy Reveals


Ever since the CEO of AYL Universe, King Sniffy revealed that he is hosting an annual cypher titled ‘AYL Cypher‘, featuring some of the best rappers in the game, there has been lots of speculations as to who are the rappers that have made it on the first edition.

Meanwhile, a source close to King Sniffy disclosed to BestXplorer that the Nigerian rap legend, Terry Tha Rapman and popular award-winning rapper, Grammyboi are some of the featured rappers on the maiden edition of the Cypher.

However, on reaching out to King Sniffy, he admitted that Terry Tha Rapman and Grammyboi were initially supposed to be on the cypher, until some changes occurred.

“Yes, Terry and Grammyboi were supposed to be on the Cypher. Matter of fact, Grammyboi was already on the Cypher. I reached out to Grammy, he recorded his verse and sent to me. But a week after he sent it, my phone and my laptop crashed. After fixing my laptop and getting a new phone, all my data and files were gone. So I reached out to him to resend the data. Unfortunately, he had lost his phone too and had just gotten a new one, so he doesn’t have the data either. He reached out to his producer but the producer had formatted his system. So we just couldn’t get the data, and we had to let it go”, King Sniffy explained.

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“And as for Terry, he is not on the Cypher because I am working on something bigger than a Cypher with him”, King Sniffy concluded.

So right now, we have no idea who and who is on the Cypher. All we know is that the guys on the Cypher are mad rappers.


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