#Updates: The Flashlight Concert with Jay Khiszy and Fatoba Postponed Till Further Notice


#Updates: The Flashlight Concert with Jay Khiszy and Fatoba Postponed Till Further Notice

Jay khiszy,feeling heartbroken to announce the postponement of his long anticipated hugest concert due to covid-19 second face lockdown

Ohiorenoya Jude Israel, porpularly know as Jay khiszy has been on a sober reflection mood for days after the outbreak of the recent news on the second lockdown of covid-19 with effect from Monday 21st of December 2020.
The young fastrising multi talented superstar has added that the government has done their worse on him as he has gone very far on the plannings and has invested massively in it.He added by saying the extimated expenditure for the show has gone almost close to half a million and he has dreamt it to be the hugest concert ever in igando as it had also got the back ups of some huge media homes coverage like: Silverbird television,The Newspoint community newspaper and so….
The young fastrising art added that he had to soberly make this postponement publicity all for the safety of all his fans and invited guests to avoid further embarrassments on that day by police and Armed forces triggered by the government decisions to stop any street carnivals, concerts and so on till when this second outbreak of covid-19 surpresses so he there for announce in his speech in quote

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“Hi fans… season greetings to you all,I am Jay khiszy..aka juiceboi-da-shootingstar,
And I’m giving this speech to everyone that has been anticipating my show (concert) for long
(Flashlight concert with Jay khiszy season 2) with all Power vested in me as the host of the program coppled with a back to back meetings with the management of the venue (cool tavern relaxation centre) and planning committee that:
In support of the government initiative to curb the spread of Covid-19 during this festive season, we have to halt plans for now and announce new date after lockdown is lifted. And we wish everyone safe and joyous end of the year”
Stay safe
Love you all


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