We believe that showbiz is a serious business and not for mediocres, tricksters, fraudsters or lazy people. Though we are new in the industry, we have observed certain dangerous trends thus:

1. Everyone wants to be on every show to make them look like they are marketable or in vogue.

2. They cry foul if not on this or that show not understanding that every show organizer work base on a budget.

3. They hold grudges and even make efforts to spoil or ensure that events they are not involved in does not succeed.

4. Most worrisome are those we call fraudsters and tricksters that are paid and confirmed for an event but will never show up nor make efforts to refund what was paid them.

5. Other tricksters are those that will plead to perform free on a show then when permitted and confirmed, they go about crying foul and badmouthing the organizers that they don’t want to pay them just to gain cheap publicity and public sympathy.

6. The mediocres and lazy ones are those paid and confirmed for events but will deliberately arrive late so as not to perform but give very laughable and unbelievable reasons on arrival then beg for forgiveness.

7. There is always this unhealthy friction, envy and jealousy between entertainment houses and performers. Partnership and cooperation is key to success!!!


1. Showbiz must be taken as a serious business not a joke for the industry to get to the ideal level in Nasarawa State.

2. Performers that are into fraud and tricks must be named and shammed out of this industry for it to grow and develop.

3. No need for unhealthy rivalry between entertainment houses because the sky is wide enough for all. Together, we are stronger.

4. There must be a mechanism to punish performers that are fraudsters, tricksters, lazy etc

5. We suggest a strong body that will regulate the activities of all entertainment houses and performers in the state. Or we all need to strengthen the existing ones to make them not just bark and bark with little or no results but to also bite hard. We all need wake up PMAN and others to bite and bite harder and harder.

6. As N.E.C. is organizing Nasarawa State Industry Night, this provides us the opportunity to take the bull by the horns to correct all the observed abnormalities since all practitioners will be present. Setting ground rules and sanctions will help a lot.

Nasarawa International Festival Group(Nifestng)

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