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Nasarawa base and vibrant new artiste, Owlama Y.D is Xploring and ready to break into the industry with his talent and unique style of music.

The new artiste with the hip hop genre of music releases his first single “High Notes” where he explains how ready, lyrically talented and blessed he is as a recording artiste.



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Ah Han.. Ye, yeah! I go by the name Owlama y. D they call me baby… uh huh
oh yeah
am killing all d beat Ye yeah (2*
uh huh….

verse 1
you can’t tell me you d best Wen you
feeding on your mammy breast letter to my unborn child
Daddy is about to make history, am living a legacy dat
a sign of victory… I still shine in d dark is not a mystery
am marry to the hustle am bless not by my strength n muscle steady on my grind I put in work wen I reach for my tussle Han…. is about money n power, nw is raining on me like shower,
Never my fault your girl love my kind of rap wishing I send her flower
I do it for my city Hip-hop is my saviour transform me from a zero into hero now Dem dey feel me yo from Naija to oversea yo blessing S is all I see yo
Blessings is all I see yo Han!
Am d man of the year am still hot n I glitter
I school on you rappers well am ur teacher Owlama Y. D book of chronicles See Me as your viper only the lord God knows that am not a preacher preacher…

yeah… that is what it is am not a preacher preacher.. Ye am not a preacher

huh …
Am on high note ye
Y. D on a highnote ye
say am on highnote
say am on highnote
say am on highnote! Ye Yeah …..

verse 2
Am your star baby…..
nw take a picture she know am microphone fin
am set for d future show me the hall of fame n riches…. am sick n tired of gesture
I sound like a trumpet my coming is a rapture,
am burning by nature, your city I capture wayup
jungle don mature no be like caricature…. so listen to me I dey give dem joy every time I lecture, obstacle me unstoppable me because I give dem pressure
when I step in d vibe the ladies love my Rhyme
De flows so sick am in my prime I wanna know if loving microphone is a crime
tell all this nigga is my time
tell em I act silly pantomime…. never give up believe in yourself n grind
Never give up believe in yourself n grind huh! fake Mc.. are scared of me they underestimate my kind of rap
See Me as a threat they don’t wanna give me show
believe some days we gon blow I see something
in me that they don’t know believe some days we gon blow
I see something in me that they don’t know believe someday it gon manifest, manifest….

ban on ma,seGular… rhyme on regular
bag all d money
Wen i turn it on spiritual(repeat 4*

repeat chorus
Yeah…. is Owlama Y. D they call me baby
is a freestyling session
Ah big shout out to d real monsters in de
building… Jamie Icepick on d console…

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