The most beautiful woman in Africa wants to get married and has set tough conditions for suitors


Kira Chaana, the 21-year-old Nigerian, who is considered to be the most beautiful girl in Africa wants to get married! Every man would like to have as a wife but the conditions she has given have left many wondering. Her terms have taken many aback and made them think twice about taking her for a wife.

Internet users have crowned her the most beautiful girl in the continent of African and even of the world. She is staunchly Christian and goes to church every Sunday. . She affirmed that her virginity is intact and will only be deflowered by the lucky man who will take her for a wife.

The most beautiful lady in Africa, Kira Chaana

According to her selection criteria, she is looking for a man who will not just call himself a Christian just to have her. So men who want to have the Kira Chaana, the most beautiful woman in Africa, she wants; a strong Christian who loves and respects the Lord, between 28 and 40 years, bewell off or come from a rich family and be humble.

She prefers a man who is also, very Handsome, not crippled, athletic, and a sports lover and has a large house with a swimming pool.

The suitor should have fuel guzzlers in his parking bay and sponsor her for a trip around the world in 3 months.

Kira wants a romantic man who can wait. They will only consummate their union after a religious marriage.

Faced with this, interested suitors have turned up and proposed to marry her. They include renowned stars from all over the world, petroleum magnates, and children of Presidents. A Russian billionaire offered $5 million to have her as a wife.

Apparently, this did not convince her. She has declined all proposals, mainly because of her strong Christian background, and is still waiting for a man who will meet her criteria.

What do you think of the terms set by Kira Chaana, the most beautiful women in Africa?


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