Why You Should Patronise Home Base Blogs And Radios More Than A Popular Blog – By BestXplorer


— Do you know?.

Some contents you read from these popular blogs are written by your home base bloggers and then some of these popular blogs copied and published without given credits to the young blogs.

— When you want a popular blogger to promote your song and share it on their platforms or placed an ads on it, how many of you are ready to pay not less than 50k for the service? But you can get that service from a home base blogger with less than 10k

— You pay less amount of money and get hyped and possibly get discovered by your role models why because these bloggers get to tagged the celebrities you’re looking up to.

— Many people visit popular blogs to download popular artistes songs and not the upcoming artistes songs.

— You pay huge amount of money and don’t get hyped by these bloggers.

— Why can’t you use that amount of money and pay the bloggers and radios around you to hype and play/air your song?

— Show me an artiste within your vicinity who a popular blogger or a blog hyped and eventually got noticed by a popular celebrity.


— Home bloggers gets to share your song on their social media platforms whilst most of these popular bloggers don’t.

— When someone listened to your song on air/radio and likes it that person will rush to Google, search and download your music.

— When someone noticed the kind of hype your home base bloggers gives to your song they get anxious and motivated to download your song.

— Never underrate the 500 downloads or 1k downloads you get from a home base blogs and then compare it with the 10k or 20k downloads you get from those blogs out there. Remember one good heads can be far better than a 10 empty heads and one goods trained soldier can battle 10 untrained soldiers.

— When you pay your home base bloggers for a service you are helping them and their blogs to grow and at such they will also help you when you’re out of resources and needs their support.




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