Things To Do If As A Woman Your Relationship Is Boring


It is funny, though not really when young female lovers complain of how boring their partner has been, or has become over time in the course of the relationship.

People do not get boring for no reason. It is either because you yourself have become boring or have possibly stopped being as lively as you can to be able to contain them.

My advice is that you look into your inner self to be sure if you are the one who hasn’t lost taste first, before seeing the faults in your partner. Sometimes people are actually the cause of the situation but they don’t get to pay attention to where the problem is from.

This article will provide you things you can do to make your relationship much more lively so that you can enjoy your partner and you two will remain sweet lovebirds.

Below are things you can do if as a woman your relationship is boring:

  1. Initiate a Nice Conversation With Him:

Every man has an aspect of a conversation that he loves to get involved in. Since you have been with him for a while or perhaps a long time, you should know the kind of topics that turn him on. When the conversation is nice and suits him, he will communicate with you.

If he loves to argue about football, tell him about a recent game, stand with an opposing team and let him defend his own side.

If he loves to talk about entertainment, talk a bit ill about his model or celebrity and let him defend them or talk for them over what you are telling him.

Remember, it has to be something that is interesting and turns him on.

  1. Initiate A Game and Make Sure You Win:

Some girls take relationships too seriously that they don’t get the time to fairly play. How often do you and your man play together? Do you feel too grown for plays? Well,you have to loosen up.

Men love it when a woman proves stubborn (not giving up) in a game they love. If he is a fan of boxing, do it with him and make sure he doesn’t win you. Please know that hurts must not be inflicted. Make it as soft and nice as it can be but don’t let him win.

However, if you realize he really wants to win, you can give him credit and let him win for the moment if that will make him happy and fulfilled.

If he loves basket ball or any other kind of sport with you, do it if it is all it takes to keep him lively and not boring.

Don’t forget that your major objective is to get him lively for you.

  1. Take Him Out To Special and Memorable Places:

Women usually think that they are not obligated or even supposed to take a man out and that it is the man’s obligation to do so.

Well, this is not true and is not fair. As much as it is a man’s responsibility to take his woman out, a woman has a role to play too.

Taking a man out is never in any way wrong and thinking of such as wrong is wrong as well.

  1. Give Him Affection and Make Him Feel Your Passion for Him:

Affection goes beyond smiling in the public. Affection and intimacy consists of deep intimacy. You need to make him feel you’re into him and show him care and love as well.

Men love it when a woman gives them her all. They feel accepted, loved and emotionally concerned for and they kind of open up themselves.

So what are you waiting for? How often do you give him those sweet moments? You’d better get started so that you can spark up the light in your man.

  1. Listen To Music and Watch Movies Together:

This all boils down to TIME. Spending time with your man and having fun together matters a lot. If it’s music, listen to his favorite songs and dance to it together. This makes him feel you’re into what makes him happy.

How often do you watch movies together?

If you have a TV set or maybe a laptop, you can stream or download movies that he loves so you would spend more time together having fun while watching. This is not to please him but to bit by bit release him to being a better and more lively persons than not.

  1. Give Him Romance and Sexual Satisfaction:

Even though on some religious basis sex before marriage is forbidden, the social and reality aspect of love does not see it as wrong. In fact, sex grows the intimacy two people share and it helps a lot too.

There are times when sexual satisfaction is necessary and it is advised that you both understand each other and take good advantage of your time to share what you both feel.

Some men get to understand how much you take them when you open up. Sex is not a thing to be taken as game between two people; it is a sign of submission and commitment. It must not be taken for granted.

  1. Take Him on A Date; Eat Together:

Getting a special place for visit or maybe setting up a point in the house to eat together is a good move you can make to spark him up.

Men love special moments when women create it just like women appreciate men who do so. It is a vice-versa thing, not a one-sided responsibility.

  1. Take Advantage of Each Moment and Keep Good Memories:

It would be cool if you have a camera in your relationship so that you can be the photographer of your love life. However, it is not compulsory to buy one if you cannot afford. A good smartphone would still serve the purpose. The point is; CAPTURE THE MOMENTS AND MAKE HAPPY MEMORIES.


All the above will go a long way in sparking up the light of your man in your relationship. People don’t go boring for no reason. Everyone at some point needs some energizing or warming motivation to light up their world. Hope you do this for the one you love.

All the best in your relationship.


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