Nigerian Singer In Kano Sentenced to Death by Hanging for Blasphemy


Kano Sharia Court Sentences a 22-year-old Nigerian singer, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu to death for blasphemy Over Song Allegedly Against Prophet Muhammad

At the court on Monday, the presiding judge, Khadi Aliyu Muhammad Kani, found Aminu guilty and sentenced him to death by hanging after he circulated one of songs via WhatsApp.

The song, according to critics, praised an imam from the Tijaniya Muslim brotherhood, to the extent it elevated him above the Prophet Muhammad.

Following the release of the song in March 2020, the northern vocalist who is currently in detention had gone into hiding after he composed the song.

Protesters had burnt down his family home and gathered outside the headquarters of Hisbah, Islamic police in Kano, demanding action against him.

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Commenting on the death sentence, Idris Ibrahim, the leader of the protesters that called for Shariff-Aminu’s arrest said the musician’s case will serve as a deterrent to others.

“The judgement will serve as a warning to others contemplating toeing Yahaya’s path. When I heard about the judgment I was so happy because it showed our protest wasn’t in vain.

“This [judgement] will serve as a deterrent to others who feel they could insult our religion or prophet and go scot-free,” BBC quoted Ibrahim as saying.


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