Episode 4 Of My Oral Health and I with Raphael Peter Galleh: Cytokine Immune Response (Lab routine)


My Oral Health and I with Raphael Peter Galleh

Episode 4: Cytokine Immune Response (Lab routine)

When pathogens such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, Tannerella forsythia, Treponema denticola etc that were reported to be responsible for many oral diseases invade the oral epithelial cells, the host immune system react in defence. The host therefore respond by secreting chemicals known as cytokines which helps in fighting the bacteria, and this process is referred to as Cytokine Immune Response.

Today’s episode of #MyOralHealthandI, focused on qPCR techniques which is one of the basic Laboratory routines aimed at determining the aforementioned. My Lab mate Ashley Gains also talked about the success recorded with his Bacterial transformation assay.

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#Note: This is just a Lab routine as such, I do not explain the step by step procedures involved in conducting qPCR or Cytokine Immune response.

Raphael Peter Galleh holds BSc in General Microbiology, MSc in Pharmaceutical Microbiology and also a Lecturer with the Department of Microbiology, Nasarawa State University Keffi. He is currently doing his PhD in Oral Microbiology at the School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

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