AYL Inspires: Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Aspirant, Chief CBN Onwuasoanya the Ezendigbo shares his story with King Sniffy


The popular covener of Better Nigeria for Better People (BN4BP),Β Chief CBN Onwuasoanya the Ezendigbo, who is also aspiring for the office of the Nigerian Presidency in the 2023 elections, has shared his story and plans with the AYL President, Enoch Israel aka King Sniffy.

Ezendigbo, who would probably be the first Nigerian President of Igbo origin since the inception of Democracy in 1999, called King Sniffy on phone, where they had a lengthy conversation. Kindly read their conversation below.

King Sniffy: Good day, sir. Thanks for calling. I am honoured to be speaking with you. As a Nigerian Presidential aspirant in the forthcoming 2023 elections, many youths would like to know your story; how you started and how you got here. They would also like to know the plans you have for them in your government.

Ezendigbo: There’s no problem at all. You see, I made it to where I am today through hardwork. In the country I am right now, it’s hardwork always. And that is my aim; to inspire the youths to be hardworking at all times.

King Sniffy: That is good, sir. So talking about the youths, may I know what you have for them if you win the 2023 Presidential election and become the President of Nigeria?

Ezendigbo: The youths are my main target, and they are at the centre of my plans. First of all, I want to change the youth’s mentality in Nigeria. Most of them don’t vote someone that is willing and capable to work; what they want is a person that would just give them money. So we need to change that mentality and vote the right people. The main question we should ask before voting someone should be “Can you do it? Show us you can do it. ”

King Sniffy: So how would you inspire the youths?

Ezendigbo: The youths need to know that you must not go to school before you can make it. There are many young and rich people in Europe and America that didn’t go to school. You must not be a graduate from the University. There are many ways to do it. Most youths don’t have the fundamental principles of success, but my government will change that.

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King Sniffy: How do you intend to develop the country if elected?

Ezendigbo: We have manpower in Nigeria. We cannot bring foreign people for construction in the country. How can you make your people grow by doing that? The highest number of educated black people in the UK and America are Nigerians, but they don’t want to come back because the country is not working well. So I will fix it.

King Sniffy: That would be great sir. About your background, may I know which state you come from?

Ezendigo: No, no, no. That is not important for now. What you need to know is that I am a Nigerian before any other thing, and that’s what matters most.

King Sniffy: That’s quite true, sir. So if you win the election, would the youths be included in your government?

Ezendigbo: The youths need to know that it’s their rights to be part of the government. We want to gradually teach them to stop begging Government officials for money. The youths should know that they are the power. So they must be part of the government.

King Sniffy: How have you been able to overcome all the challenges against your 2023 Presidential ambition?

Ezendigbo: Many people keep asking me “how many millions do you have?”, “have you been a senator before?” and questions like that. But I am not discouraged because I have good plans for Nigeria, and we will achieve it.

King Sniffy: Lastly, if you don’t mind sir, may I know which country you are presently?

Ezendigbo: I am presently in the UK, but I always come to Nigeria after every 2 months, because I am making plans to build a better Nigeria.

King Sniffy: Thank you very much for your time sir.

Ezendigbo: No problem. We shall always be talking.


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