The New Faces Of Game Changers Of Entertainment In Nasarawa — Nas Ent Talk Reveals


The New Faces Of Game Changers Of Entertainment In Nasarawa — Nas Ent Talk Reveals

The management of “Nasarawa Entertainment Talk” (Nas Ent. Talk)  is/are not ready to cool off anytime soon as its reveals the faces and names of the new entertainment individuals who are tirelessly working hard to take Nasarawa state Entertainment to the next level.


Nasarawa Entertainment industry is really impressed with the new Upgrade On entertainment Going on right now in the state!

The Coming of these Few young Artists have brought huge changes and Development 2 the entertainment forum!.
The Nasarawa Entertainment Platform ought 2 encourage and acknowledge these Yung stars and Promoters 2 keep up their good works and also Require that These People Are acknowledged by The New Award Body (NISA)

Here are the list of the following Young Talents causing changes 2 nas Ent!.

*Eva since this yung guy Dropped a reply 2 nas popular rapper David jay danito (NJBRL)!
We noticed alot of changes has been made, Lots of rappers have stepped up their game.
*And many Yung talents were discovered!.
Google Snix6 2 know more abt him!
*More Grace 2 #Itz Snix6 keep up ur good works.

#Mantex tha sabibwoi
*This Guy has been one of the most incredible and versatile artist nas eva Had.
*He has been working really hard and he has proven him sef to b amongst the best in the state!.
Showing up in many Ft’s and Good delivery!.
E. G his Most recited Lafia Anthem (Bukan cidi ft Suspi) throne Cypher, Hip-hop aint death ft ace alaba!.
And presently working on his 1st EPP #FriendZone!
*Watch out for mantex keep up ur good works!

#Ice lolly
*Afta the reply of Snix6 2 Danito,
Ice lolly has proven himsef 2 b the new leader of the new school rappers. He has received Many colabs which also gave him chance 2 b noticed and rated Amongst the best rappers nas eva had!.
E. G Sircidy Cypher!, throne Cypher.
#But Ice lolly Has not been doing well
Eva sinx he dropped (Killshot Diss to danito)
He neva dropped any hit singles!
*Ice lolly will need 2 step up otherwise will loose his Fan base and respect inda nas Industry!.
*Tho rumors has it dat he has Too much PRIDE which has caused him problem wit his management.
*But Whatsoever is the Problem? He beta fix up and continue his Hustle!

*This artist has proven his Hardwork and dedication 2 Music entirely.
*he has been working really hard trying 2 put the city on the map!.
*He Started wit the hit cover song (ice prince Feel good!) which he ft Snix6 _Ace Alaba _Number9 and Goldenboi!
*Later on *This life ft Promphizy.
*And his new Hunger challenge which he just awarded His fellow Yung Talent Mantexy whom emerged as the winner of the Challenge!
*Keep up ur good works.

#Daniel Sparkz
*This has been the most energetic stage performer we have in nas Entirely.
*He has been dropping back 2 back Videos which has been trending on YouTube and oda social media platforms
*This artist is presently working on his album ft many Dhop artists from within and outside the state.
Watch out for Daniel Sparkz!

*VME has given this young lady a big platform 4 a Good start.
And she has been doing well.
*Chery has proven 2 b the new best female vocalist in nasarawa state.
*Eva since she dropped ha 1st hit single (Fall 4 You)
She had received massive love and support from the industry.
*Keep up ur good works

#Wale makama
This is anoda fast rising artists which has been giving good sounds under the Umbrella of Sircidy multimedia!
*He has worked wit so many Popular artist within the state and he is presently Rocking his new Single (Onowu).
*keep up ur good works

A very young handsome and talented music artist.
*He has always been working really hard 2 put his City on the map.
*Yizwasi has inspired many artists wit his unique form of songs and productions.
*E. G (There is God) _(Do well) _ and his new Single 2 his late mum (lost Love)
*Keep up ur good works

These are the few artistes causing changes in nas entertainment presently.
And we have 2 acknowledge the effort of those whom have been working hard 2 push the industry forward!

More grace 2 sircidy.
He has brought changes and development 2 nasarawa Entertainment Via his Award (USAN). Which he now Joined the Body of other awardees as (NISA)
Keep up ur Good works and ur support towards lifting other artists..

The coming of this blogger has made every form of publicity simple and Easy 4 artist and fans 2 promote their crafts.
Keep up ur good works.

#Eze Best
*The founder of the (NUAN) award!
He has also contributed 2 changes 2 this industry.
He is currently working on anoda form of award(Most Gorgeous face of Nigeria)
Keep up ur Good works.

These are the few promoters we observed causing changes 2 Nas entertainment!


#God bless nas.
#Lets build up nas entertainment! 👏❤️




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