POEM: He Forced Me – by Enoch Israel ( King Sniffy) A Poem Against Rape Selected By Africa Center For Leadership And Development


I am honoured to be selected by Africa Center for Leadership & Development (ACLD) to write a poem against rape and sexual abuse, which would be used to support their fight against sexual harassment. And I just submitted it today. ENOCH ISRAEL STATED.


POEM: He Forced Me
– by Enoch Israel ( King Sniffy).

The most painful feeling ever felt;
Conceived from a barbaric act.
It made a stone to melt,
It’s a stigmatized fact.
Like a ghost
I never saw it coming.
He was my host
And I thought he was loving.

I was sitting on his couch
Feeling good with a happy heart.
He was a friend I could vouch
Yet he tore my world apart.
Strong hands came on me
With a knife to my throat,
He forced his way into me
After demolishing my clothes.

Five minutes that lasted for eternity.
Five minutes of tears.
He must be in a confraternity
For he gave me my worst fears.
He kept thrusting despite my cry,
I could feel myself bleeding.
To escape I did try,
But the serpent kept breeding.

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It happened in the university
But it’s still tormenting my dream.
I am the talk of the municipality
Yet none could mute my scream.
I was labeled the offender
For visiting and wrong dressing.
I was compelled to surrender
While he walks free with blessings.

I am already ruined;
My life is a total mess.
I am always fumed
When a man touches my face.
He gave me a pretty ugly life
That torments me every night.
How can I ever be a good wife?
When I couldn’t win this fight.



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