OAP Little P called for peace dialogue in Dangwa community.


Peace Dialogue in Dangwa community
Recent killings of the former District Head of jagindi Tasha Mr Danlami Barde and his Brother in the Dangwa Community of Jema’a LG has been of concern to all the stakeholders.

A meeting of the people of Dangwa and the Fulani community discussed what factors were responsible for the killings and how peace can be restored and sustained. A peace dialogue was held on Thursday 4th June 2020 hosted by Paul Timothy (Little. P) in partner with Southern Kaduna Round Table SORT and Fantsuam Foundation.
The speakers at this event were Prof.John Dada, Mr.Francis Yanki, Shul-Num Y Yakubu
Mallam. Idris Maitala, Abubakar Mallam. The highlights of the meeting were;

1. Dangwa community has always welcomed its visitors and the Fulani settlers never had problems with their Dangwa hosts

2. In the past incidences of animal trespass into farmlands have always being resolved by the community leaders. Of recent, some youths have been taking the law into their hands rather than following the normal procedure for settling such disputes

3. Many cattle travel paths (labbi) have been forcefully encroached upon or closed by farmers. This has led to many conflicts

4. The farming communities of Nasarawa State have successfully implemented farming cooperatives that has minimised long travel for animals and supported famers to grow their crops. This model can be explore for Dangwa community.
5 .Community should observe Cows travel paths to enable herders move their cows for grazing.
6. Herders should consider sending mature youths for grazing instead of teenagers to avoid farm vandal.
7. In terms of Misunderstanding or conflict Dialogue should be the approach instead of violent.
8. People should report any suspicious movement of strange persons to the right authority.
9. There should be regular dialogues between the host communities and the Fulani to discuss issues affecting the community and deliberate for a way out.
10. Every person who has attended this peace dialogue must return home as a peace ambassador to share the highlights of the discussion with their families and friends member

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11. Future meetings will ensure adequate representation of women whose views are also important for peace building
Paul Timothy thanked everyone for coming and informed the participants that a future and larger group of stakeholders will be invited to the next meeting when it is conveyed

OAP Little P called for peace dialogue in Dangwa community.

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