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Jvick the seed is a man of passion for the work of God, whose intention and aspiration in life is to reach out to the world with his voice.

He started singing since the age of 15, and he has never stopped ever since. His passion for music has being an inspiration and encouragement to many. He came from a small family. He had his challenges but he never gave up on faith.

He lost his mum when he was a little child at the age of 4, and ever since then life has not being easy for him, but his passion for music and God being by his side has always kept him moving. Jvick is a composer and a writer,
Jvick The Seed originated from Abia State.

He’s gifted to do what he does the best and he’s a dynamic singer with a unique voice.

Chimle Mmo was given to him in a dream by God for the oppressed, depressed and heart broken people. Since the year 2016, in the year 2019, he decided to sing it in the studio and finally today is out. Chimle- Mmo is a song that leads people to drop all their problems at the Feet of Jesus. Mathew 11: 28.




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