DEEP SECRETS 2.1: Meet Mc Jagz And Know His Secrets As We Xplore 


DEEP SECRETS 2.1: Meet Mc Jagz And Know His Secrets As We Xplore. 

Hi Bestxplorian, welcome to another fresh and juicy episode of Deep Secrets by BESTXPLORER BLOG where we Xplore, interview and Xpose the secrets of some of the top and trending celebrities. Today we have Mc Jagz who is an artiste, music producer, actor and a movie director.

Qn. Please can you briefly tell us who Mc Jagz is? 

Mc Jagz: I am Bayero Theophilus Atakuwa, also known by my stage name “Mcjagz” born & brought up in kaduna state, Nigeria. I am koro by tribe from kagarko local government area of kaduna state, currently based in kaduna town. 

Qn. What do you do for a living?

Mc Jagz: I am into music & production, that’s what i do for a living. 

Qn. What motivated or inspired you into doing what you are doing?

Mc Jagz: My love for music & production inspired me into doing what am doing.

Qn. Who is your role model?

Mc Jagz: I see the likes of 2face, Jesse jagz, Mi, ice prince, Davido & others, as my role models. Because they’ve gone far ahead of me and i have in one way or the other learned from them. 

Qn. How old are you?

Mc Jagz: I am in my mid 20s now

Qn. What are your qualifications so far?

Mc Jagz: I graduated from;

 – Modern comprehensive nursery & primary school Kagarko 

– St. Peters minor seminary Katari 

– Kaduna state college of education gidan waya

And currently undergoing a degree program at the same 

– Kaduna state college of education gidan waya (Affiliated to Abu zaria) studying Educational administration and planning. 

I am also a certified actor and director after undergoing 

– A master class with the African best director Toka Mcbaror in 2018

Qn. What is Your best/greatest achievement?

Mc Jagz: My biggest achievement today, is how far i’ve gone in the music industry. 

Qn. Are you signed to any label?

Mc Jagz: I am not signed to any label, though i have people i work with as a team. 

– Sai godiya united 

– Legendary team music 

– Nairabag entertainment 

– Jaga house of music

– 9javibez

Qn. What is the Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Mc Jagz: The most embarrassing moment of my life, was a day i mistakenly climbed a stage without knowing my zip was down. Not until when a fan whispers to my ear “zip up”. I felt so embarrassed.

Qn. Are you married, dating or single? If married who is your wife and if dating who is your girlfriend and do you have plans to settle down with her?

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Mc Jagz: I am not married and single, i am dating and have plans of settling down any moment from next upper year. 

Qn. At what age will you like to marry?

Mc Jagz: By God grace i will get married before i clock 30

Qn. What’s your favourite food?

Mc Jagz: My favorite food is pounded yam & vegetable soup 

Qn. What is your favourite colour?

Mc Jagz: My favorite colour is black and army green 

Qn. If your wishes could be granted, what’s the first thing you would wish for?

Mc Jag: If my wishes could be granted, the first thing i will wish for, is to get signed to any record label that will promote me and my creativity. 

Qn. Your celebrity crush

Mc Jagz: Celebrity crush is Simi

Qn. Best Nigerian song

Mc Jagz: Best Nigerian song 2face – African queen

Qn. One artiste you wanna collaborate with

Mc Jagz: Artiste i wanna collaborate with 2face

Qn. What was your ambition as a kid

Mc Jagz: My ambition as a kid was to be a priest. 

Qn. What do you the hate most?

Mc Jagz: I hate lies

Qn. Who inspired you?

Mc Jagz: Music inspire me

Qn. Who is your competitor in music industry?

Mc Jagz: Music is a game and a business, so definitely there will always be a competition, but for now i don’t have anyone in mind as a competitor.

Qn. What do you think about Kaduna entertainment?

Mc Jagz: What i think about kaduna entertainment industry: Kaduna entertainment industry is blessed with all kinds of creativity and originality. But i think “pride” and “greed” are some of the things that killed & is still killing most kuduna entertainers. My advice is, we all should learn how to respect and appreciate everyone. Let’s avoid pride, sentiment, greed and work hard as a team not as clicks, that we all are operating on.

Qn. Should fans expect something from you soon?

Mc Jagz: Yes my fans should expect bigger things this year an “Album” (Ep) & a “video”

Qn. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Mc Jagz: With God, good life & good health i see my self conquering the music industry in the next 5 years.

Qn. What are your advice to upcoming artistes

Mc Jagz: My advice to upcoming artiste is, we all should learn how to avoid pride and focus more on hard work.

Quote by Mc Jagz

Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”


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