Don’t date girls within the age of 16-23, they are liabilities – Pishikeni Daniel


A young Nigerian who hails from Lafia, Nasarawa state, Pishikeni Zagana Daniel, has in a recent article on his Facebook timeline charged young men to avoid indulging in relationship with girls within the age range of 17 to 23.

He said;
“Girls within this age range are premature and cannot give one peace of mind among other necessities essential and expected in a relationship.”

“Girls within this age range are not emotionally matured. They are unstable in mind and conscience. They are picky and are easily distracted by money and material possessions. They cheat a lot. Some of them have not had adequate home training to make them responsible enough for someone who loves them.”

Daniel also stressed on the need for anyone who intends to make it in life to remain cautious and careful of such girls, saying;

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“The moment you get into one of the many bad that we now have, your plans for life will begin to inevitably ruin. Your ambitions, dreams and visions will go blurry. They will ensure you become useless, call you useless and then leave for a better man”.

In closing, he advised that whoever intends to go into a relationship must choose wisely. There is just maybe 10% of 100% that can help you grow, hence the need to avoid girls within this age range for serious relationships.

He added that some girls within this age range are sent to serious young men from the pit of hell just as Delilah was sent to Samson to destroy him.

Screenshots below:


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